Trick-or-Treat Kabobs

No, I didn’t actually cook anything here, but they’re cute, right? I have a wicked sweet tooth fit for a six year old. I also have the freedom of an adult to decide how much sugar I will ingest on any given day. Six year old sweet tooth + adult decision-making freedom = stomach ache. Make a mental note.

When I was a kid we lived on the very outside of a rural town, so our nearest neighbors were about a half mile away. Of the few neighbors we had, even fewer of them had kids of trick-or-treating age at the same point in time as us. All of these things combined actually made for some pretty sweet trick-or-treating. . . in the modern sense of ‘sweet’ as in “awesome”, and in my favorite sense of the word as in ‘tasty’. Because we were the only trick-or-treaters, our neighbors tended to hand us something unusually large by regular trick-or-treat standards – as in a giant candy bar, a full bag of candy, or on very lucky years, a $5 bill. Awesome!!

My point is, I want to have something special to pass out to a select few trick-or-treaters on Halloween, and this year I need something that is cute but quick too. These little kabobs will go to our favorite neighborhood buddies. You can leave them propped up in a bowl like in the photo and hand them out “naked”, or they’d be super cute wrapped up in clear cellophane and tied off with pretty ribbons. Either way – they’ll be devoured by your fave little ghosts and goblins in no time!

    wooden skewers
    Ghost Peeps
    Mellow Creme pumpkins and moons
    Orange slice gummy candies
    large spice drops in black, white, and yellow
    black licorice
    Jellybeans in yellow, white, orange, and black

    Okay – obviously you don’t have to do this exactly as I did, but here are a few pointers:
    The gummy candies slide down the skewer best, so start with them on the bottom – the tip of the skewer pointing up. The Licorice will not stay bent well – it breaks after a few minutes, so the loose “s” shape is best, or the three shorter strips broken up is a good choice too. The ghost is a good focal point in the middle, plus it slides well, so I suggest that one next. The mellow cremes are a little trickier. I warmed them in the microwave for about 8 seconds, then VERY gently and carefully slid them onto the skewer. When you are finished with your arrangement, snip the sharp end of the skewer off, and top it with either a mellow creme or a jellybean so there aren’t any sharp points sticking out. The jellybeans were tricky. I suggest warming them too – although they still have a tendency to crack.

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