Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough

If you wanted to, you could eat this stuff. Not that you would really want to, but you might be tempted to. It smells like you should eat it, and it’s warm and soft like you should probably at least taste it. I guarantee this will be the progression of your kids’ thoughts if you make this together:
1. Wow! This stuff is hot!
2. Yum! That smells good!
3. Hmmmm. I wonder what it tastes like?
And it can only go down-hill from there. . . . It tastes like salty play dough with an essence of Kool-Aid. So – it tastes gross. I’ll save you the trouble.
Some people like to call this “edible” play dough. I guess it could be – just more in the sense that it won’t put you in the hospital if you take a bite; certainly NOT in the sense that you might want to be eating it for a clever lunch.

Traditionally we make this in the summertime when it’s really just too hot to be outside, but I think it works just as well as an indoor wintertime activity.
The warmth and the smell of the dough as you knead it are irresistable. No one can be in the room when we’re making it and NOT play with it, and inevitably we all end up snorting and guffawing over the disgusting concoction someone has made by mixing orange and green together and hanging it from their nose.
Yes, the play degenerates as the colors begin to resemble “booger-green” and “poo-brown”, but the gales of belly laughter coming from the kids are certainly worth the temporary lapse in manners. This warm, squishy, yummy smelling dough spans every age gap and keeps us all engaged for a nice little chunk of time.

It might seem odd to post this right now, but is it?? This would make a spot-on Christmas gift for the special kiddos in your life – nieces, nephews, grandchildren, students, school-mates, even for siblings to make for one another. It’s an inexpensive gift and an afternoon of giggles and bathroom jokes all wrapped into one!
The nifty little plastic containers pictured above are called “Lock-Ups” by Design Trend and can be found at Jo-Ann stores. They stack, twist, and lock together. Each container was about $1.80, and each batch of play dough will fill roughly four of those cups.
So go ahead! Make a batch. Put on some Christmas music and pour yourself a cup of tea – maybe they’ll even let you get a jump on your do-gooder holiday shopping. . . .


Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough

1/2 Cup salt
2 1/2 Cups Flour
2 packages Kool-Aid
3 Tablespoons Oil
2 Cups boiling water

Directions: Mix dry ingredients. Add oil. Add water and stir with a plastic spatula or wooden spoon. Once you can’t stir anymore, carefully (it’s hot!) start to knead. Make sure to let it cool enough to handle safely. Dough can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for around a month.

*If this dough is too sticky, just continue to work in more flour, little by little, as you knead until it doesn’t stick to your fingers anymore. If you find that you’ve added a lot of flour and it’s still tacky, work in a tiny bit of oil, until it sticks no more.

Source: Adapted just a smidgen from this recipe on Cooks.com.

10 thoughts on “Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough

    • Thanks Deborah! I am actually one of those weirdos that likes the smell of traditional Play Doh, but I like this even better! 🙂

    • Hi Steph! No problem – they should store in the refrigerator for a least three weeks. I’ve found in the past that they actually last way longer than that though.

  1. I think I will make some of this…. ONLY for the purpose of hanging from my nose. It’s like the perfect LBD…. perfect for work, a special night on the town, or a quiet evening at home with the spouse 😉

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