The 52 Week Project

There are 52 weeks in a year.

Fifty two seven-day-long opportunities to take a moment and make a conscious choice about how to live life.

There are 525,600 minutes in a year – that many opportunities if you choose to make a conscious choice every moment of every day.

31,556,926 opportunities if you choose to takeย only a second to make those choices.

But those numbers are overwhelming.

I’m sticking with 52. . . and I’m pretty sure an overflow of opportunities will come quietly and discreetly knocking at my subconscious door.

I’m clicking my awareness button onto high-alert.

For 52 weeks, one post a week, I will focus on recognizing ways to live a fuller, more heart-full, more soulful, more purposeful, more genuine, higher quality, all around better life.

I’m going to tune-in to the opportunistic gems that fall into my bubble of existence, scoop them up and do what I am meant to do with them. (Get it? The photo is a metaphor. . . .)

And I’m going to share them with you, and hope that you join me.

We can create our own movement!

The 52 week project: better me + better you = better world.

We’re going to start small. Maybe we’ll stay small. I’m a total believer in the ripple effect.

Maybe we’ll go big.

Who knows. Whatever it is will be inspiring.

We’ll be actively improving ourselves and the world around us either way.

52 weeks. 52 posts. The 52 week project.

Happy 2012!

(Week #1 is coming up shortly!)


8 thoughts on “The 52 Week Project

  1. Just getting around to checking what you have been up to! I’m in too… even though I am a week behind already! Uuuggghhh!

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