The 52 Week Project: Week 1



I’m not talking about, “ Hey! I’m over here smiling at you!”   :).



Ok – yes, so if we were in the same room, I would certainly smile at you, but this is not my point.

My point is that we should all make it our mission to smile more.

Smiling is easier on your muscles than frowning.

Smiling actually makes you feel happier – even if you are not particularly happy to begin with.

I’ve heard it more than once.

There is real scientific truth to this.

Studies have been done.

Something happens within your body when you force a smile. Suddenly you feel what your face is expressing, and you become happier.

For real.

Whatever we put out there, we are going to get back. . . smile and the world smiles with you.

And please, especially smile at your family – not just blood relations or the traditional nuclear family members. I mean the dear ones we spend the most time around – whether they be our spouses, our offspring, our in-laws, our roommates, our best friends, even co-workers. . . whomever our villagers happen to be.

Just smile.

Smile in the morning when you first see each other.

Smile when you part ways for the day.

Smile when you reunite.

A smile from you makes someone feel like you feel blessed to be with them.  They’ll feel warm and cozy about that, and they’ll inevitably pass it on to someone else.

When you smile at someone, you are starting the goodwill ball rolling.

A smile ripples.

Just think how big your smile will be when it reaches China.

See? Baby steps. We can ramp up the happiness-dial of the entire world with a simple smile.




2 thoughts on “The 52 Week Project: Week 1

    • Awww, I miss you guys too. I was chasing my kids around last night begging them to play War and Memory and Connect 4. 🙂 Not really. . . but I do miss ALL of you. It was such a fun weekend. It was very sweet to come home after being away too.

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