Framboise Lambic Mimosa

We’re going international here. A little Belgian, a little French, a little uncouth American.

I don’t have great photos of these. I was too busy drinking them.

Part raspberry beer, part Champagne, part orange juice, and lots of ice. They’re pretty much fizzy cocktail heaven.

We started out with Framboise Lambic and Mimosas as separate drinks, and then with the phrase, “I wonder what would happen if we did this?” and a pour of the raspberry beer into the glass before the champagne and OJ, the FLM was born.

Not too sure about the name yet.

Framboise Lambic Mimosa?  Romantic, but maybe a little on the snooty side.

The photos are saved under FLM.  Not romantic. Not snooty. A little boring.

The Flame? No – too hot.

The Flam? No. Just. . . no.

Flam Bam Thank You Ma’am?  Maybe. . . .

How about the Brash American? I like it.

Throughout history people have doctored their champagne – with vodka, gin, bitters. . . but beer? Who would do that?

We would (and maybe the British and some Irishmen). We love our beer.

And over ice? In a white wine glass instead of flute?  Stop. . . who would drink a mimosa over ice in a regular old wine glass?

Uh. . . we would.

We’ve taken the romance down a notch and hiked up the chic factor. It’s young. It’s hip. It deserves a theme song or maybe an entire cocktail party mix.

Sweet with a hint of fruity-sour, it fizzes and bubbles sweet nothings to your senses. Oops! The romance is back.

Okay, so it’s a hip romantic drink with a soundtrack. Not a silent, stuffy, in your face drink.

Here’s how you make it:

Oh yeah. We’re high rollers. Cook’s it is.

I know – any bartender will probably tell you that for the best drink you need “better champagne” – but I have to tell you – we didn’t miss the fancy stuff. Cook’s totally did the trick without breaking the bank.


Framboise Lambic Mimosa ( AKA the Brash American?)

I suggest you play with your ratios a bit until you find your perfect recipe. Here’s the starting point.


1 part Framboise Lambic (found in the refrigerated beer section of the liquor store)

2 parts dry champagne

Splash of orange juice

Lots of ice


Fill a wine glass with ice. Add Framboise Lambic, champagne, and a splash of orange juice.

Try not to guzzle like it’s fruit punch.

Source: Lara from Beat of the Track

7 thoughts on “Framboise Lambic Mimosa

  1. Sounds yummy! The Brits might call this one “Uncouth Yank.” But I agree… “Brash American” is way better than the stuffy mouthful of “Framboise Lambic Mimosa.” It sounds rebellious and fun, with just a hint of national kiss-my-lambic pride!

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