“Like” Home is Where The Cookies Are on Facebook!

Oh, I am sheepishly blushing. I have gotten Home is Where The Cookies Are its very own Facebook page. I feel a bit like I’m in high school hoping to be invited into the popular crowd. I hope you like me. If you do, I hope you’ll join me and let me know!

Humph. I’m sorry friends. In an effort to link my personal page and the blog page, I somehow blocked myself out of the blog page and cannot get back on! Darn it! So we are on a temporary hold, and when I get it fixed, I might just beg you to join at another location. Thank you for loving me anyway!!

4 thoughts on ““Like” Home is Where The Cookies Are on Facebook!

    • Aww! Thank you – the recipe for those babies will show up soon too! I so appreciate your support – it totally spread my smile from ear to ear to read your message!

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