2 minute scrambled eggs

Eggs in the microwave. Done in two minutes.

I’m sorry, what??

Did you know we could do this? Because I sure as heck didn’t.

Where has this shortcut been all my life??

Two eggs, splash of milk, beat, microwave.

BEEP.  Top with cheese and herbs.


So basically, crack ‘em, beat ‘em, zap ‘em, eat ‘em.

Yes. Meet them.

Eggs in the microwave. Done in two minutes.

They are my new best morning friends.

It takes longer to toast that pumpernickel bread (which happens to look burnt, but it’s not. . . .  It’s just pumpernickel).

There is nothing better for breakfast than hot scrambled eggs smothered in melted cheese.

Unless you throw in a side of bacon.

And maybe a danish.

But I digress. The point is that these take TWO MINUTES – or less.

Welcome to easier mornings.

It’s an egg-cellent idea. (Heh, heh).


Two Minute Scrambled Eggs


2 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons shredded cheese
salt, pepper, and any other herbs you choose to use

Coat a 12 oz. microwave safe coffee mug or other dish with cooking spray. Add eggs and milk and beat till blended.
Microwave on HIGH for 45 seconds; stir.
Microwave until eggs are almost set, 30 to 45 seconds longer.
Top with cheese and season with salt, pepper, and herbs.

Source: The Incredible Edible Egg advertisement found in just about any food magazine on the shelves right now.

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90 thoughts on “2 minute scrambled eggs

  1. I will never forget the first time I saw someone do this and had the exact same reaction. It was eleven years ago. I went to buy a breakfast sandwich from a local deli and was expecting them to stick a pre-cooked egg thing in the microwave, which you know I have no problem with since I heart McD’s, anyway…..the girl took out a little glass bowl, scrambled the egg, thru in a little half and half, and bam….amazing, real deal egg sandwich in LESS than two minutes. Obviously it made quite an impression.

    What a great post for your blog. So practical, yet so good and healthy!

    • Sounds great! bad news is that the microwave sucks the nutrients out of food. I’m back to the old-fashioned way of cooking. On top of the stove or in the regular oven or convection oven which is double quick.

      • Sucks the nutrients out? Where do they go lol. All microwaves do is heat the water content in whatever is being microwaved.

        • That link states that the risk of overcooking is there with microwaves, just as if you over cook something on the stove. The same tests where they fed microwaved water to a plant next to another that was fed regular tap water, was done with boiling the water on a stove top first and it had the same results. Its the heat that nullifies nutrients not the microwave itself. I use it to steam and cook eggs all the time and I dont feel deprived of nutrition, in fact because its easier I am eating healthier because of it.

      • Some people believe that the radiation (microwaves) kills the nutrients in foods especially vitamins and minerals which are heat sensitive. But you can destroy them in the oven and high stovetop heats too as well as frying. They are lost in the canned fruits&and veggies when liquid is poured off.

      • Sucking out nutrients…

        I though so until at university we had a simple lab project. We cooked in different media… Microwave, streaming, boiling… microwave actually kept most nutrients. The water remove it in streaming and boiling.

  2. I tried these and they tasted great! I was sure they would taste like airplane breakfast (back in the day) but they didn’t at all. Makes you wonder how they managed to get that airplane-egg consistency!

    • LOL! It had to be a challenge, for sure! It’s sort of fun, right? To watch them puff up all huge and then shrink down into beautiful fluffy eggs?

  3. I grew up on this type of egg and have always like them. I would make them in a square microwave tupperware dish and put it on toast with little mayo and lettuce for a on-the-go sandwich.
    Just be careful not to cook too long, my mom did that once when I was a kid and when I put my fork into it it popped in my face!! Lets just say it took me a good year before I stopped turning my face away when I went for my first bite! (it didn’t hurt, just scared the crap out of me!)

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  8. I have done this several times and I love that I can have a great egg in a matter of seconds. This is one trick I am going to teach my children before they goes off to college.

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  13. I made these today because I am a broke college kid and am sick of spaghetti-o’s and cereal. I am not sure if it was the microwave or the fact that I added an extra egg that made it take twice as long. The eggs taste great though, so I would recommend this recipe to my other broke college kid friends. Thanks for posting.

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  16. This is GENIUS!!!!!!! My college dining hall uses powdered eggs. POWDERED EGGS can you believe that? It’s like we are in prison. Thank goodness I saw this post because I assure you powdered eggs are now a thing of the past knowing that I can make these in my dorm room with no hassle at all!

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  18. These are super fast and easy for my little toddler! She loves them, and I’m able to make them directly in her favourite bowl! Thank you for this.

    • lol. I know. . . . They’ve been doing it forever here in the US too. Really, it’s just me – I’m a late-comer to all the cool stuff!

  19. Kitchen under construction and had an urgent craving for eggs – you just made my morning!!! used fancy cheese and spread on multigrain cracker with avocado and tomato – epic!! Thank you!

  20. As a college student this makes an awesome and EASY (easy being the key word here) healthier midnight snack plus i can cook bacon, to put in the eggs, at the same time. Thanks for the recipe.

  21. This will never be as good as making eggs in a skillet, because the eggs cook a little unevenly and the texture is a bit off. However, it’s a fine option if all you have available to you is a microwave.

  22. I learned how to do this method of cooking scrambled eggs about 20 years ago from a co-worker. I love to use this method, as you said it takes longer to make the toast than to cook the eggs. I often will micro a small amount of onions first and mix that with the eggs. You can even cut up some green peppers and add that to the onions. Enjoy!

  23. You guys must have a different microwave. I had tried this in the past and didn’t like the taste, gave it another shot. Really does not taste as good as regular scrambled eggs.

    • Yo, I was reading this for fun as my brother loves this method. I was scrolling the comments to see who would pick up this issue.

      The answer is that regular scrambled eggs usually use some butter in the pan to avoid sticking. My world: eggs MUST be cooked in a little butter to get the right taste. And no, margarine or oil (like at the diner) is not quite right either. See if it works :-)

  24. I have been making these for years too. However my 13 year old granddaughter has just decided to become vegetarian so just realized ,,listening to these college kids, they would be perfect for her to make for her breakfast or add some peppers and onions for dinner.

  25. Unbelievable, thank you!

    Sara, maybe you could post photos of the stages – i.e. at halfway cooked, when it’s half gooey-half fluffy (and can be a bit strange looking), and at the end when it grows into a giant marshmallow-poof (which of course caused me to run to the microwave yelling profanities!). I was convinced I was doing something wrong but it turned out really great after all. :)

    • Ha! That is a great idea. Part of the thrill of this the first few times we made them was watching the gigantic puff and shrink. I actually tried to photograph it puffy like that, but snapping a pic through my microwave screen didn’t turn out so well! I’ll give this some thought – because you’re right!

  26. Oh my gosh. This is awesome. Eggs without the hassle of cleaning iron pans in our tiny sink! This is awesome, thank you!

  27. Been doing this for many years. Try warming a tortilla, fitting it into a bowl, scramble the eggs, add some finely chopped onion, eggs into tortilla..nuke for a minute..add a spoonful of salsa, nuke another minute, add a sprinkle of cheese. Dinner is served!

  28. Stand back when you take it out to stir.. Just had hot eggs explode in my face! Overall tastes pretty good though, and quick to make.

  29. I’ve been doing this for years, too. I start the bowl off by melting a little butter. I usually add cheese and other fillings into the raw eggs and milk or cream, stir it up, and microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring between times, until it’s set like I want it. If it looks too moist but not moist enough for 30 seconds, I’ll make it 10 or 15 or let it sit to finish cooking from its own heat. My favorite mix-ins are any cheese, Trader Joe’s South African Smoke seasoning, and a splash of sriracha.

    • Yo, Coyoty, thanks for the good directions. I like your suggestion of stirring it up every 30 seconds- you can keep an eye on its progress better. This removes the guesswork which is important because microwave power, and hence cooking time, differs greatly model to model.

  30. Has anyone tried to make these without milk? Could I substitute butter and water for the milk? When I make regular scrambled eggs on the stove, I put a tbsp of water in my eggs and line the pan with butter. Not sure if this would work in a microwave.

  31. Where have I been? This is the greatest invention ever. I always go through the hassle of cleaning up after; but with this recipe, I still have plenty of time to get ready in the morning.

  32. Thank you for sharing this,
    I was starving and was staring the eggs in my ref away, but all that as available to me was either I go down to the nearest convenient store or basically sleep it off.

    This is a really good life hack!
    May 2015 be awesome to you

  33. Its two in the morning, and a little too late to be using a stove with my roommates asleep. This was perfect for my late might craving! I tossed in a bit of garlic and peppers, simply amazing. Have to share it with my fellow sleepers tomorrow!

  34. WOW. I just tried this. Slightly sprayed bowl with non stick spray. Used my fingers to smear it around. Cracked 2 eggs in the bowl. I didnt have milk so i had to use silk. Tore apart sandwich cheese and turkey meat. Just threw it in there and whisked it up. High on 45 stirred some more then let it finish its thing. Added grinded peppercorn and salt. FREAKING TASTED AWESOME!

    • You can use whatever your favorites are! Chives are popular with eggs, but basil, oregano, or cilantro (that’s what I love) would be good, and parsley always works too. All you need is a little sprinkling over the top.

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