A Very Do-able Miracle

Hello Friends. Once in a while, I come across something that I feel really can’t wait to be said. I can’t wait for a photo, or wit, or cleverness. This is a miracle we can all help make reality. This is a Mama of eight children, freshly diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. All she wants is a vacation with her family. We can send prayers for strength and health and love, and we can help give her something tangible to build all those things.

Let’s do it. Why not?

Click here, to read Kristen’s story.

Thanks Friends. XOXO!


4 thoughts on “A Very Do-able Miracle

    • Oh – thanks. I’ll see if I can fix it. Yes – sad story, but you know what?? Momastery followers raised $25,000 in TEN HOURS! Amazing what tender and loving hearts people have. Kristen and her family will have their vacation!

  1. Sara thank you for passing this along. We have a family friend who is in a similar situation with pancreatic cancer. It hurts my heart even just thinking about both of these women. It’s really challenging but important for me to slow down, read about how to help, and remember what really matters.

    • It IS heartbreaking, and it always feels like we can do so little. It’s wonderful when we can put our minds and hearts together to make some sort of difference!

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