Week 10 – Get Creative! (and a Giveaway winner!)


I know to some people this might be the equivalent of telling them to go jump off a cliff.

But I promise, it’s not that bad.

I can’t tell you how many times people tell me they’re not creative.

Everyone is creative. It’s just a little (or a lot) different for each person.

The kind of creative I’m talking about is the kind where you use your mind and your hands, and colors and materials, to build something out of nothing.

It doesn’t need to be pretty – it needs to be fun.

You don’t need to hang it up anywhere or show it to anyone or display it on a shelf.

Just make something and enjoy the process.

Get lost in the feel of a paintbrush gliding through a blob of wet paint.

Get lost in the smooth squishyness of clay or play dough.

Get lost in maze of crayons or markers or colored pencils.

Tear some paper. Rip images out of magazines – then paste them to a board or a painting.

String some beads.

Arrange some flowers.

Take some photos.

Make a beeswax candle.

Tie dye a t-shirt.

Plan a garden, maybe even plant it!

Share the creativity with some friends over a bottle of wine and some Doritos and brownies.

Pop some popcorn and make a painting with your husband for date night.

Share the play-dough with your kids.


As long as you remember that one little statement, you’ll find it very refreshing!

(The painting at the top of this post is a portion of one done by myself and my then-five-year-old son. Our only rules were that we would take turns painting anything we wanted, and no one was allowed to complain about what the other one did. It’s actually a 36″x48″ canvas – we figured, “Go BIG or go home”!)

And now, for the big, BIG news! The winner of the Joy the Baker Cookbook Giveaway is. . .

Olivia! Olivia commented, “My favorite cookbook is my mother’s copy of the Cafe Beaujolais because it contains one special recipe for ‘Amazon Chocolate Cake’ that made my childhood bearable. My allergies were so bad when I was young that I couldn’t have the birthday cake at my friends’ parties, so my mom sent me with my own little vegan chocolate cupcakes!”

Olivia – I will be emailing you shortly to get your mailing address and the book will be in the mail next week! Congratulations!! And guess what?? Joy has a recipe for vegan Chocolate Buttercream cupcakes! Who-woulda-thought??


7 thoughts on “Week 10 – Get Creative! (and a Giveaway winner!)

  1. Nice painting! That’s a great idea – we might just have to try that out as well! You are basically planning my every move at this point! Guess that means I’m not being terribly creative myself…

    • Thanks Bridget! I have sold my artwork in the past when buyers have expressed interest. This is just a portion of the whole, and we only have photo prints left! We re-painted the canvas last weekend! If you have your eye on this one, and would like a photo print, just email me and we can figure it out! 😉
      thanks for the compliment!

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