Week #12 – Love is a Verb

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Kiss your husband.

Hug your kids.

Call your grandparents, (I will – I am blessed to still have two – and they’ve been on my mind every day lately!)

Write a card to your BFF.

Bake a treat for your roommate.

Text your brother.

Send a postcard to your niece.

Leave a love note in your spouse’s pocket.

Make a cake for your bestie.

Hold hands when you fight.

Buy your kids’ favorite magazine.

Send a care package to your brother/sister/mom/dad.

Love your special peeps.

Love, as in: actively participate in actions that demonstrate your deep affection.

Stay up late with your husband, even if you’re tired, just so you can be together.

Hug again and again and again, and then hug some more.

Say the words,

“I love you,”

“I’m so proud of you”

“You’re the best”

“You make my heart smile”

“I’m so grateful for you”

. . . and mean it when you say it. The someone who brought those thoughts to mind needs to hear it.

Ruffle your kids’ hair.

Rub their back when they sit by you.

Fix them a late night snack, even when you




like it.

Make a choice to do something for someone else before yourself.

Do a chore for someone to take it off their plate.

Make a CD for your husband to listen to on the way to work or running errands.

Help them. Help with chores, or work, or allowing them to relax and decompress.

Love them first.

Play with your kids.

Bring candy home for your wife – or flowers, or cake, or a magazine, or earings, or – let’s face it:

Le Creuset.

Do a puzzle together.

Hang out at the bookstore together.

Surprise your kids with a clean room.

Dress pretty for your husband. Smell nice, wear lip gloss, do your hair.

Plan a date night.

Iron his favorite work shirt.

Buy him new socks, a new tie, his favorite micro-brew.

If you’re a neat freak, and he’s not, don’t nag him.

If he’s a neat freak, and you’re not, try to meet somewhere satisfactory in between.


Chose to love first.

I’ll be honest – I don’t do all these things – not yet.

But I want to.

I try to remind myself on a daily basis, and I’m brainstorming ideas for myself as I write them out.

Love is an activity.

Sometimes it’s work. Sometimes it’s hard.

Sometimes it’s easy and fun.

Either way, I’m willing to put in the time.

I want it to continually bloom in my life, and I wish it for yours too.

I want all my special ones to feel how much they mean to me.

Want to join me?

Love your peeps too?

Love, love, love. . . and love some more.

If you need some ideas, I discovered this book over a decade ago, and still refer back to it now and then to refresh my memory. There is one for adults, one for kids, and one for teenagers too.

I’d “love” more ideas, if you care to share.

Mission possible:

Love it up.


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