Week 17 – Power Down

Years ago, a hurricane swept across our state.

We were lucky.

No physical injuries, no property damage – other than a few uprooted bushes in our front garden – and we were blessed by a neighbor who let us plug our refrigerator into his generator.

We had three days without power, and thankfully, the weather was cool and breezy after the storm passed.

The lack of air conditioning was a nothing.

Those three powerless days were some of the favorites that we’ve logged away in this house.

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Mango Salsa

Let’s just stop pretending, right now, that this salsa is going to go anywhere but on a chip.

Unless it’s just taking a direct ride on a spoon from the bowl to your mouth.

Don’t pretend it’s going to elegantly tumble off of a beautifully baked, spicy fillet of cod with a deliciously golden and crunchy parmesan bread topping.

Because that’s not going to happen.

Chances are, because you almost never cook any kind of fish other than salmon, your cod won’t turn out.

And you’ll just end up drowning it in spicy mango salsa because, really, the salsa is the star of the show.

That’s crazy that it’s going to go down for you like that, because the same exact thing happened to me!

I almost never cook any fish other than salmon too! And my baked fillet didn’t turn out either!

And I just kept thinking, “White fish is so much better when it’s fried. . . .”

That’s what you were thinking too?!¬†

Our brains must be connected across cyber-space or something.

But the mango salsa – that’s tried and true.
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Honey Oat Quick Bread

Honey Oat Quick Bread - this bread is delicious, super nutritious, and so so easy!

I didn’t expect to fall head-over-heels in love with this bread – but I did.

Like tumbling-down-a-hill-after-a-pail-of-water head-over-heels.

(If we’re talking bread here, is it “heals” instead of “heels”? – Nope. Just checked. Still “heels”.)

I was battling myself all day long to stay away from it.
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Week 16 – Embrace The Suck


I’m sorry.

I know it’s off-color sounding, that quote.

But it’s perfect.

It’s going to stick with me forever and I’m going to use it regularly.

Much like the phrase, “Good like chicken!”

The latter comes from one of my Bff’s little boys.

He was a chicken nugget lover.

The phrase means “There’s nothing to complain about”, “Things couldn’t be better”, “No need to ask – obviously, things are stellar“.

Good like chicken.

Use it, and love it.
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Six Cheese Penne Rigate Pasta

Take a deep breath. . .

and DIVE. IN.

This pasta totally makes up for everything Tuesday’s post lacks.

It’s divine.

It seriously would be a difficult decision for me if I were faced with having to choose between chocolate bundt cake and this here pasta.

And we all know how I feel about sweets.
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Healthy Coconut Almond Bites

I had a couple of great, ambitious recipes planned for this week.

As I type, I’m debating about whether or not to spill the beans.

I may go back for a re-do. . . because they both flopped.

“Flopped” as in, I threw them in the garbage.

I still think they were pretty good ideas in concept, just not in execution.

I learned some things about myself through the process though, so it was all worth it.
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Week 15 – Ten Simple (and sometimes cheesy) Things That Make Life Easier

1. A garlic press. No – I’m not kidding. It changed my life. We love garlic, I love this press.

2. A citrus press. I never even knew these existed until about six years ago when I hosted a Pampered Chef party for my lovely friend. Again – a life changer. I would cry if I ever lost this little gadget.

3. Shredding cheese with the food processor. I know. This is not rocket science. But I long ago abandoned buying block cheese in favor of the pre-shredded bag kind – purely to save myself time. I figured I was paying a little extra to make life easier. What I didn’t realize was that the average American family can save over $200 a year simply by sticking to block cheese and shredding it at home. Really? OMG. I’ve switched back. And the food processor is the way to go.
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10 Fun Recyclable Projects For April

It’s April again.

I know, it’s been April for a while now. . . Ten days and a few hours, to be exact.

But it really just hit me yesterday.

Why yesterday?

I don’t know.

April is a remarkable month for me. One of my favorites for sure.

We’ve already celebrated a couple of things during the month of April.

So why, when I realize it’s time to do the recycling craft again, does it shock me?

Not sure.

I guess maybe it’s not April that’s grabbing me by surprise, but “recycled craft” time that’s shaking me awake.

Every year, with every child, we go through this.

Make a recycled craft for school.

I feel like I always come up with something pretty. . . lame.

It’s never been a favorite project of mine.

I enjoy the process with whichever kiddo it might be at the time, but I never really feel like the projects hit the mark as far as usefulness goes.

No one really needs a mobile made from an old hanger and spray painted soda cans. . . . Do they? If you do, let me know – I’ve got one I’ll mail you for free.

So this year, I kept my eyes peeled for cool crafts. Useful crafts. Things I would actually want to keep around.

And I’ve made a little collection to share with you – because I’m sure you are going to be going through this at some point too – or at least someone you know will, and you can be like, “Oh! I saw this great little collection of recyclable crafts you can actually USE!” and tell them all about it. . . .

Maybe, . . . right?

So here you go.
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Birthday Cake Muffins (with yellow squash, whole wheat, and brown butter)

I had this post ready to go yesterday.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it though.

I couldn’t bring myself to post something. . . this¬†sweet right on the tails of Easter.

This holiday magically transforms me into a child with a raging sweet tooth.

OK, so maybe it’s not the holiday.

And maybe I always have a raging sweet tooth.

But usually I’m somewhat capable of keeping it in check.

Sort of.

But those jellybeans are evil.
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