10 Fun Recyclable Projects For April

It’s April again.

I know, it’s been April for a while now. . . Ten days and a few hours, to be exact.

But it really just hit me yesterday.

Why yesterday?

I don’t know.

April is a remarkable month for me. One of my favorites for sure.

We’ve already celebrated a couple of things during the month of April.

So why, when I realize it’s time to do the recycling craft again, does it shock me?

Not sure.

I guess maybe it’s not April that’s grabbing me by surprise, but “recycled craft” time that’s shaking me awake.

Every year, with every child, we go through this.

Make a recycled craft for school.

I feel like I always come up with something pretty. . . lame.

It’s never been a favorite project of mine.

I enjoy the process with whichever kiddo it might be at the time, but I never really feel like the projects hit the mark as far as usefulness goes.

No one really needs a mobile made from an old hanger and spray painted soda cans. . . . Do they? If you do, let me know – I’ve got one I’ll mail you for free.

So this year, I kept my eyes peeled for cool crafts. Useful crafts. Things I would actually want to keep around.

And I’ve made a little collection to share with you – because I’m sure you are going to be going through this at some point too – or at least someone you know will, and you can be like, “Oh! I saw this great little collection of recyclable crafts you can actually USE!” and tell them all about it. . . .

Maybe, . . . right?

So here you go.

We are making one of these this year for sures.

If I get my way, we’re going with the cell phone charging holder thingy.

I like it.

I think the little guy will like the decoupage process.

It’s all good.

We might make, like 5.

So here it is: (to see the original articles, just click on the pictures or the red lettered links!)

From empty plastic bottle to clever little cell phone or iPod holder – keeping it off the counter and out of the way while it charges. Ingenious little thing from Make It and Love It.

Ok, so a little overly ambitious for a school project, but totally cool for a weekend project at home. Start stashing big cardboard boxes for a rainy day and make this little kitchen from Family Fun.

I love this. Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, any little boxes. . . . Decorated, and gift-able. Who can’t use these?! “Gift Baxes” From Family Fun.

Need I say anything? CUTE! You know you’re going to go searching for an old cookie sheet just so you can make this. I’m thinking spray painted red with black and silver magnets. . . total robot-boy style. Another goodie from Family Fun.

Message Center

I actually need these. Maybe we’ll do two projects. Love the simplicity, and the uniqueness. Newspaper coasters from Better Homes and Gardens.

Coiled recycled paper as coaster

Gorgeous, right? I sort of hate the thought of tearing apart a book, but if it’s destroyed otherwise, why not use the cover to do this? A bummer broken book becomes a cover for your Kindle. Nothing wrong with protecting your reader. . . . Great idea from Homework.

Just plain old fun and cuteness. Monkey bird feeder made from soda bottles anyone?? From Crafty Moods.

Useful, useful, useful! Plant them right in the ground once your little seedlings sprout. Newspaper pots from Cottage Hill.

From The Making Life, the ideal way to be using up scrap papers. Magnetic notepads. Start thinking gifts. . . . Teacher Appreciation Day, Mother’s Day, even get a head start on Christmas. . . . Ready, set, start saving all that paper!

I actually can’t wait to try this. I have several old t-shirts that need to be up-cycled. So much easier than a scarf – and cooler for the summer months too. . . . Spotted at Martha Stewart Whole Living, originally from Cumbersome.com.

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