Healthy Hippie Snack Mix

For the last two and a half weeks, this is a sample of some of the stuff I’ve been doing:

Experimenting with quinoa
Visiting with my Mama
Painting rooms of my house
Baking loaves of chocolate bread
Making doctor’s appointments for the kids
Mixing up green bean salads
Grilling pork tenderloin
Rummaging through salvage yards
Visiting my in-laws
Making beards for my 10-year-old, (yes, beards.)
Baking my first ever double chocolate cheesecake
Attending school plays
Shopping for jewelry (like this snake twist necklace, and I’m so freaking excited I found them online too, because I thought I’d never get the one I really wanted in gun-metal grey because the lady at the boutique told us that they never know what they’re getting in their next shipments. Hello seriously long run-on sentence. Hello, wonderful online store. Thanks for providing the coolest necklace EVAH!)
Dating my husband
Watching Cars and Cars 2 with the kiddos
Baking uh-may-zing new cookies
Trying to improve on old-school slow cooker recipes
Weeding the garden.
Eating multiple Latin pastries
Cutting hair(s)
Watching my middle guy’s basketball play-offs.
Watching the real deal NBA finals.
Eating spicy wings and cheesy fries with bacon and jalapenos, and simultaneously watching three hot twenty-something girls schmooze free drinks out of an old man sitting alone at the bar – who happened to be drinking double shots of vodka on the rocks with a side of Tabasco.
Doing homework. (I love kindergarten homework, by the way. Easy peasy. That’s my style.)
Re-finishing our old dining room table for outside. (Actually, mostly I watched my mom do this. I sanded a little. She did the rest. Thanks, Mom. Now we have a super-cute dining room table on our back patio. Now if we could just get rid of the mosquitos. . . .)
Washing clothes, folding clothes. Repeat. Like a billion times.
Going to the beach.
Going to the pool.
Catching up with friends.
Celebrating Mother’s day, friend’s birthdays, and anniversaries.
Skipping workouts.
Drinking multiple cups of coffee.
Changing light bulbs.
Staying up too late watching quality TV, like Mob Wives. (“Joon-yuh” is such a weasel, right?! Plus, I can’t believe the cops are like, making these mobsters do time for their crimes. The nerve.)
Re-arranging pictures on my walls.
Making and eating Pasta Fagiolli. On two occasions.

So why, when I’ve still been cooking and baking away, do you get snack mix today?

Because we all get busy.

We all get tired.

We all need an energy boost sometimes and don’t necessarily feel like trying to put together some sort of complicated home-made health bar that requires the food processor and dirty dishes.

Because sometimes you just don’t feel like eating another freaking banana, or yogurt, or whole grain anything.

Sometimes you need a quick, portable snack.

Sometimes you need a bit of food that’s going to provide you with some endurance and a guilty indulgence.

And this little mix will do it all for right around 190 calories.

Easy peasy.

Like kindergarten homework.

Oh! And why call it “Hippie” snack mix? I guess nuts make me think of hippies. So does granola. Go figure. . . .


Healthy Hippie Snack Mix


1/3 cup Rice Chex Cereal
1 tablespoon Golden Raisins
1 tablespoon Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 Tablespoon raw walnuts

Measure, mix, eat.

Source: Sara

10 thoughts on “Healthy Hippie Snack Mix

  1. THe shame mix looks super yummy, but I just wanna say… I LOVE the background to your photo today. Think they make that in fabric for curtains? 😉

    • Shame mix? Ok, what the heck is THAT? You would never believe that I make other people’s writing look good for a living. Time to triple-check ever post.

  2. Oooh, I would definitely pick out the chocolate first. And then the Chex; I love Chex.

    Jill and I must have the same job! I think my work life is why I start so many sentences with “and”s and “but”s. Delicious rebellion!

  3. I wonder if Jill knows she wrote, “time to triple-check ever post. . . ” 😉
    It’s OK Jill. We love you.
    Ever one has bad spolling days sometimes. . . .

  4. Oh – and no, no fabric that I know of – HOWEVER, there is a company that will make fabric out of whatever sample you have. It’s an online company, and I don’t remember the name, but maybe Google would know. . . .

    • I’m still fiddling a little bit, but yes – I’m pretty sure some version of chocolate bread will appear sometime soon!

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