Week 22 – The Summer Bucket List

We’ve been busy bees in this house.

All sorts of things are going on in our little hive, and summer is just days away.

Mostly, we’re all just antsy to be done with commitments for a while and to start sleeping in as the every day norm.

As my family has grown though, I’ve started approaching summer with equal parts excitement and trepidation.

Ten weeks of vacation is a long time.

Toddlers, grade schoolers, tweens, and teens all want to do different stuff.

The Babes can’t very well go see Avengers, and my middle guy can only maintain a good-natured game of hide and seek (finding Babes in the same location at least a dozen times) for so long. Summer is HOT where we are, and much of our summer is spent indoors. Outdoor activities MUST include water, and it doesn’t take too many days in a row at the pool for everyone to be bored of it for a while.

So this year, we’re taking a cue from the Solars of the Happy Family Movement.

We’re going to join them in their Summer Bucket List Challenge, and we’re going to do all those things (I hope) that usually float around in my brain as great, but vague, summertime activities that seem like they would be so much fun, we just never get around to doing them – for no good reason.

And we’re going to plan it together.

I hope you join us, and the challenge. When you sign up, you’ll get step by step emails to help you put your plan into action, and the Solars have worked in ways for families to win points and prizes for participating.

We have yet to hold our family planning session, but I know a few things I will throw into the idea pool and hope they get voted onto our list:

  • an outdoor deep-fry party at sunset and then by candle light. I’m thinking elephant ears or fritters. . . .
  • finding the best mom-and-pop ice cream shop in town
  • painting a giant canvas
  • making sea salt from beach water
  • a home-video marathon
  • a family sleepover at Grandma’s
  • beach day, dinner, ice cream, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. . . .
  • a lemonade stand for a good cause
  • making play-dough (of course!)

Any ideas you can throw into our pool? Inspiration is a wonderful thing!

Happy Bucket-Listing!

8 thoughts on “Week 22 – The Summer Bucket List

    • That’s a great idea! I think I might add in different cheeses too, and some sparkling apple cider in fancy-schmancy plastic wine glasses. . . .Perfect!

  1. I know this is sort of a thing to do when you are trying to decompress from other productive activities, but we here are big on the “Den of Slack.” It is basically setting your TV room up like a huge bed, filling it with junky snacks, and then movie marathon/video game time….for hours and hours. I take all of the phones off the hook, turn the computer off and just watch and play with the kids. It is the perfect activity for a yucky or really hot day. 🙂 xo

    • I love this idea! Perfect for a super rainy day, or after we’ve been in the sun non-stop. You know me oh-so-well. I think I’d have to order in Chinese food that night too. . . .

  2. We’ve been talking about this all day! 🙂 here’s our list we compiled so far… You’re welcome to join us when we do some of these! Thanks as always for the inspiration!

    Summer bucket list

    – Backyard blow-up pool party with water balloon piñatas
    – make a snowman at the beach with scarf, carrot, etc
    – eat dinner in jammies on the golf course
    – Lego building marathon
    – horseback riding
    – kids-make-dinner-day 
    – go to the country club park after a big rain (mud party!)

    • Oh! I love it! We’ve done the snowman at the beach before and snapped our family “Christmas” photo at the same time – it was awesome! I love the Lego building marathon and kids-make-dinner-day too. We definitely might be crashing your party(ies)!

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