Sneaky Concord Grapes

Originally, I was going to make this the world’s shortest post. It was going to say this:

I have three words for you:

Frozen.     Concord.      Grapes.

And then I thought, “They’re pretty awesome.They deserve more than that.”

So here you go:

Sweet.    Ice-y.    Delicious.

Simple.     Elegant.     Beautiful.

                   Frosty.     Crunchy.     Refreshing.

Party food.     Regular food.     Indulgent food.

Healthy.     Natural.     Fruit.

And finally:

Easy.                 Peasy.               Dessert.

No recipe necessary.

All you need are the concord grapes, some water to rinse them in, a tray to freeze them on, and a freezer.

Pluck, (or don’t), rinse, drain, arrange, and freeze.


Your kids will never know what hit them. Fresh fruit, disguised as dessert.


13 thoughts on “Sneaky Concord Grapes

  1. a friend of mine made me taste these just a few weeks ago and i was ecstatic about how wonderful they were, i couldn’t stop snacking on the grapes! the freezing makes the sweetness come out so much more, it’s the perfect natural dessert! (and thanks for reminding me to put concord grapes on my shopping list)

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