Week 26 – Christmas In July

Guys – guess what.

Christmas is only 25 weeks away.

We’ve already lost a week since I doodled my first list (above).

I don’t want to sound like Chicken Little here, (well, I kinda do), but listen – I have a plan.

The way Christmas “gifting” usually goes in my little world, is this:

I know Christmas is coming. Someone mentions that Christmas is only 86 days away and I have a mini panic attack, even though 86 days is a ridiculously long time. Well, not really when you have science projects and sports and homework for 3 kids, and PTA meetings, and, well. . . life going on.

So I usually ignore the 86 day warning, feigning my panic as disgrace at the commercialism retail stores have wrought on Christmas.

And Thanksgiving comes and goes.

And then I really do have a full-on panic attack because I’ve done NOTHING and now I only have 26 days ’till Christmas, and the majority of the peace and joyfulness I desperately crave during the-happiest-season-of-all has been sucked into the commercialist gift-giving vacuum.

So I guess I could stop giving gifts.

But I don’t want to.

My heart loves giving gifts.

So the other option is to actually start early.

I’ve always said I wanted to start Christmas crafting in July, but I’ve always sort of said it with the same intention that I say I want to travel to Italy some day.

Like a pipe-dream

So I’m declaring it here, loud and clear.


Do you all want to come with me?

This year I’m going to be legit.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for great gifts that don’t cost too much.

I’m going to get crafting.

I’m going to get organized and follow a plan – (I hope!)

A 23 week plan that will take us to December 7th and then we will be DONE. (Yes, please and thank you Lord!)

I am going to search out gifts that cost somewhere between $10 for individuals, to $50 or so for families. (I hope – don’t hold me too tightly to that!)

I’m going to cook things – a little later down the road – that will make great presents for loved ones near and far.

I might do a post here and there that –  *gasp!* that doesn’t even have a picture! – because I just want to give you a heads-up that I found something great that might make someone on your list happy.

I might even have to create a new “Christmas in July” page so we can all quick-reference the loads of stuff I’m throwing at you.


So here’s step number one.

Do it this weekend.

Make your lists.

Make a list of people to whom you will be giving.

Here is how I broke mine down: (My list isn’t as far reaching as all the people listed here, but just for the sake of brainstorming. . . )

  • Nuclear family – of course! Spouse and the Kiddos. Nothing tricky here!
  • Extended family – Your parents, siblings, and their kids, your spouse’s parents, siblings, and their kids. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc.
  • Friends – your friends, your spouse’s friends, your kid’s friends.
  • Neighbors – yeah, you get it.
  • Co-Workers – uh huh.
  • Teachers – yup.
  • Service People – as in, the mail lady, the garbage man, the school receptionist, possibly your doctor, the school bus driver.
  • Acquaintances/Helpers – the people that are in your life and by being so, just make it a whole lot easier. The friend that gives your kid a ride to the basketball games, the mom who always seems to know what the deal is with confusing homework, the school security guard that helps your kid out of the car in the morning, the team coach.
  • The Stash – this is the place for the things you find on your outings that would be perfect for someone, you just don’t know which someone yet. The adorable stationery set you found on clearance, the dishes you found at the flea market, the photo frames that came as a steal, the classic necklace you found on Etsy, the board game you picked up on severe mark-down. Keep a stash – it will come in supremely handy at Christmastime and during the year when a birthday sneaks up on you.

Then, if you have ideas already, write them next to the recipients’ names.

Look at the people to whom you want to give home-made gifts, and if you already know some things you want to make and you know you’ll be needing supplies, ORDER THEM NOW.

For instance – I know I will be making cookies, cakes, pickled veggies, probably some jams and sauces, spiced nuts, seasonings, infused booze, etc. So I will start looking for the packaging I want to use for these items now.

I also know I want (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . . ) to make a couple home-made items like lip gloss, solid perfume, scarves, plates, mugs, and activity boxes that might require special packaging.

Some of these things will work. Some of them will flop.

But whatever works, I’ll share with you.

I’ll earmark the gift-able posts so that they’re easy to get to, and maybe together, we can sail through our Christmas prep early and truly enjoy the season like it’s meant to be enjoyed.

So, what do you say – wanna stick around and take a haphazard, but well intended and only somewhat dependable, trip with me??

I know. I’m really selling it hard.

Just being honest folks.

But I’m willing to give it a shot this year. How ’bout you?

4 thoughts on “Week 26 – Christmas In July

  1. Sara, You have echoed my thoughts more than once on your wonerful blog. Today you have spoken directly to my alter ego, the Queen of Procrastination. I’m prepared to follow along with your Christmas in July program and defy my
    “leave-it-to-later” imperative. I’ll follow your example and start the list now.
    Good luck fearless leader!

    • HA! I don’t know – I was hoping that since I typed that post, it would magically work in my life too! I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying. . . . Just make that durn list -at least we’ll have THAT done!

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