Week 29 – Drink. Sleep. Reflect.

My dear Friends –

I keep going back and forth in my head over what I might say today. I can’t find either of my sources, so I’ll just lay it all out there – Tim the Tool Man style. (Do you remember that? Home Improvement – where Tim would go out to the backyard and peer over the fence at his neighbor, Wilson and proceed to completely misquote something to him? I’m not completely misquoting, but it’s certainly not word for word either.)

Drink more, sleep more, reflect.

There. I said it.

By drink more, I mean have one alcoholic beverage a day. I just read recently that it’s especially beneficial for women to have a single cocktail per day, for the sake of reducing certain health risks – like high blood pressure or something of that sort – by about 20%. That’s huge. And it doesn’t have to be wine.

Hello, evening martini.

Please don’t quote me verbatim – the point is that it  is healthy to have a drink a day – the exact benefits, I can’t quite remember.

And I’m not a doctor or scientist. Obvs, right?

So I’ll leave it to you to research the credible health studies.

Within days, I also read that an alcoholic beverage a day is thought to increase the quality of the blood that reaches your brain, thus improving your memory.

Shazam. Twice in one week?

I need to start a nightcap habit.

(Did I really just say Shazam? When did I become Captain Marvel?? I don’t know if I’ve ever said shazam. Ever. In my entire life.Weird.)

Anyway – awesome.

Hand me a cocktail please – but just one. More than one per day, and we start to lose the benefit and begin treading in risky waters.

Then, within the same time frame, I read that more sleep makes for better recall abilities AND it also helps maintain healthy eating habits because a lack of sleep hinders the production of a chemical that signals your brain to stop snacking.

That explains why, on days following nights of broken sleep, all I feel like eating is Doritos and chocolate chips. . . .  All day. . . . Right?

Seven or more hours a day of sleep, folks.

It improves your health, your mind power, and your snacking self-control.

Drink? . . . Check.

Sleep? . . . Check.

Now here’s the other, more substantial point:


Years ago, I read a book by Bill Hybels called, “Too Busy Not To Pray”. (Thanks, Sis!).

It’s one of my favorite books to date, because it opened up to me a new way of life.

There is a chapter in the book where he suggests simple journaling to document the events, thoughts, activities, achievements, or setbacks of the previous day. He repeats a quote he read at some point. I cannot – for the life of me – remember the exact words, and I cannot find the book.

But the gist of it is this: An unexamined life is a life stalled. . . or an anti-productive life, or a life that’s spinning circles.

His point is that we can never move forward and improve upon what our life is now, if we don’t look at it and contemplate the things that need to change, or recognize the blessings we’ve received, or examine the consequences of our mistakes.

By keeping a journal of these reflections, we can return to those pages later, and see how God has been active in our lives – and we’ll be amazed and humbled.

After keeping a prayer journal for a year,  I was blown away by the evidence of God’s hands in my life. It was heartening and peace inducing to see a record on paper; and it invoked in me a sense of confidence that I am safe, and loved, and right where I am supposed to be.

Oh, and those quiet moments of reflection? They help boost your memory too.

So my friends, I leave you with this today:

Drink a little, sleep a lot, and reflect often.


7 thoughts on “Week 29 – Drink. Sleep. Reflect.

  1. To this day, the best Halloween costume I’ve ever seen was Wilson the neighbor… The guy had built a little white fence and attached it to his shirt! (Apropos of nothing!)

    And yes to daily drinks! Stupid horse pill antibiotics… I’ll be back in the swing of things eventually.

  2. I’ll drink to that! Also, going to TRY to get at least 7 hrs tonight. Kids not sleeping well this vacay unfortunately. I’m going to start the whole reflecting thing, too! Miss you!

    • Oh, I know it about the sleep. Twice this last week I was woken up about 5 times/night between kids and the hub’s pager. . . . Hope it gets better on your vacay!!

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