Week 30 – Glennon Says, “It’s Already All Right.”

It’s been a tiring week.

I don’t really feel in the mood to write.

My baby girl is sitting on the couch watching her second Tinkerbell movie of the day, and it’s only 9am, but she’s already been through five rounds of puking, two sets of clothes, two thorough wipe downs, and three couch-beddy blanket changes this morning.

We had one week of reprieve between now, and the last round of stomach bug that traveled through everyone age 10 and under.

I’m sure you understand.

I’d rather read someone else’s writing today, and laugh a little.

Because laughing right now, would feel really, really good.

So I went here, and read about one of Glennon’s random fall weekends, and giggled and cried a little. And things are feeling a little better.

Maybe you’d like it too.

Click the red title to read Glennon’s post, “For Tisha. . . To Remind Her That It’s Going to be All Right. In Fact, It Already Is.”

One thought on “Week 30 – Glennon Says, “It’s Already All Right.”

  1. Oh yuck – I am so sorry! Poor you and poor baby girl. I hope you get through this quickly! Hugs (luckily from afar 😉

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