Double Oat Breakfast Cookies

These are “breakfast” cookies about as much as Nutella is “breakfast” food.

Like, not really.

But if you pile eggs, milk, and fresh fruit around them, they are part of a healthy breakfast, at least.

These are our back-to-school babies. We love them in many circumstances – like as dessert, as a snack for the park, as a grab-and-go treat on the carpool extravaganza at the end of the day, as an energy booster before or after sports, etc. Continue reading

Week 34 – I Know You Love Me Anyway

Let’s remember this:

People who love us, love us even though . . . (fill in the blank).

If I think about all the precious somebodies in my life who love me, I can say all these things with convicted truth in my heart:

I know you love me even though I start to fall asleep on the couch at approximately 9:15pm at night.

I know you love me even though you cringe when I start to sing.

I know you love me even though I’m not very good at keeping touch long distance and over time changes.

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White Chocolate Mango Muffins


Did anyone else’s kids start school this week??

Let me say it again. . . whew!

It’s been a big long a_ _ whirlwind with all the school and all the prep that goes with it.

I think we’ve finally got it though.

We’re finally settling in and everyone is getting used to the way things are going to jive for 2012-2013.

I think we’ve got only a few little kinks to work out before our well-oiled machine takes off for another year of brain building.

In a couple of days, I think I’ll be able to hit my groove again too.

You know, find my mojo, my niche, my swagger, my flow.

And I’ll start cooking again.

Because, well, I have a little confession to make.

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Week 33 – On Parenting. . .

At three thirty in the afternoon a couple of days ago, this conversation happened in my house:

The Babes: Mom, can I have some cereal with milk?

Me: Sure

Little Guy: Me too? plain Cheerios with sugar and milk?

Me: Ok. Middle Guy, do you want some too?

Middle Guy: Yes please, but can I have Reeses Puffs with milk instead?

Me: Ummmmm. Yeah. I guess so.

Middle Guy: Thank you Mom!! You’re the best!

Little Guy: Yeah, she is! She’s the best mom we could ever have!

Middle Guy: Yeah, she’s super-floppin’-awesome!!

Little Guy: Right??!! Continue reading

Argentine Inspired White Bean Salad

This little recipe goes out to my Mama.

She came to visit me a few months back, and we set out one weekend evening for a very girly night of what we thought would be hors d’oeuvres, wine and art galleries followed by an elegant steak-ish dinner.

Our gallery walk turned into a wild goose-chase in uncomfortable shoes, only to find a few sparse galleries pocketed with circles of chubby old men smoking cigars and a single woman with waist-length hair who claimed in her artist’s statement to be attempting to paint the very condition of human kind.



That was the turning point.

No wine.

No hors-day-oov-rays.

Aching heels.

It was time for a stiff cocktail and some seared red meat. Continue reading

Raspberry, Goat Cheese, and Basil Quinoa Salad

Let me introduce Raspberry Goat Cheese Quinoa Salad; otherwise known as:

“The Salad My Family Will. Never. Eat.”

Quinoa is a bit of an anomaly in our house.

Anomaly? Maybe not, as I think about it.

Probably more like. . .


Each family member has made varied suggestions on how we might put it to use – all of which do not include eating it.

Examples include: Continue reading

Week 32 – Easy Peasy Chicken Drumsticks and the Great Outdoors

We just spent an entire, glorious week at the beach.

Nothing like ocean waves to wash away any stress that may have followed any of us there.

We stepped onto the beach as a family and basked for six days together in Atlantic sands and saltwater.

Do you know, it’s actually scientifically proven – through various studies I’m too lazy to look up – that spending time in nature truly does improve one’s health?

Our bodies relaxed, we laughed a lot, and our muscles got a workout in the waves.

I’m sure the multiple virgin frosty drinks, consumed by all, helped some too. Continue reading

Week 31 – KISS, and White Chocolate Blueberry Sciscuits

There’s something to be said for keeping life simple.

My high school art teacher – a man who had clearly smoked a few too many doobies in his day and who’s brain was set on permanent handicap mode ┬ábecause of it – taught me this.

He was the first one to teach me the acronym, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

He was also the one who asked me one day how to spell, “Mom”, and then gave up when I asked him if he was serious. He scribbled out his attempt at spelling “Mom”, and went with the much simpler form of the word – “Mother”.

True story. Continue reading