Bacon On The Grill

I used to think that every last human on earth possessed an inherent love for bacon.

Until I learned that my friend, Z, doesn’t.

I resolved that particular mental conflict by labeling her as a freak of nature though.

Sorry Z. Normal people love bacon.

Unless they’re vegetarian, I guess.

So, sorry other friend E.

I’ve known vegetarians though, whose taste buds still water at the smell of grilling bacon.

My dad however. . . .

Oh, Dad.

I inherited the bacon loving gene from him, I think.

I saw this quote this morning:

I used to have trouble choking down the pills I have to take for controlling my cholesterol, but it’s a lot easier now that I wrap them in bacon. ~ Brad Simanek

Did you write that, Dad? Seriously. . . that sounds like the exact kind of thing  you would write do.

Well, me too – if I had to take any kind of pill.

I wish I would have thought of that when I was choking down pre-natal vitamins.

I hate taking vitamins.

Bacon Makers, would you please contemplate the possibility of producing a multi-vitamin bacon? I would buy it.

And my dad would too.

Anyone else?  Let’s see if we can encourage this. . . .

Bacon, folks.

We love it, but it can be messy. . . .  And dangerous.

So let’s talk about ways to cook it.

Yes, fry it. But that’s super messy. And it’s bathing in its own grease – which tastes delicious, but really, if we’re going to eat bacon often, we ought to try to avoid the grease bath. (Oughtn’t we?)

Microwave on paper towels? Always a decent option. This is my go-to method, actually. It’s quick and clean, I don’t get burned, and much of the fat is wicked away on the paper towels.

Baking? Yes. That works too. Bake it on a rack in the oven. This is a totally hands off method – but still – the clean up gets you in the end.

So how about this:

Yes Ma’am. (or Sir).

That over-exposed, poorly lit photo is illustrating bacon grilling on the barbecue.


In the warm morning sun.

On a crisp fall day. (Not really for me, but for you. Yes, maybe it’s crisp and fall-y by you. . . .)

The grease is dripping onto the open flame and producing bacon smoke.

I agree. I too, think they should bottle that smell.

So we have many bonuses here:

  • Grease is dripping away.
  • Delicious aromas are filling the air around us.
  • We’re standing outside, in crisp cool air, basking in sunshine and perfuming ourselves with Fumer de Bacon, probably sipping coffee.
  • We don’t have kitchen clean up to deal with.
  • And our bacon is being cooked to smoky perfection.

Yes, you might get a few black edges. But that’s okay. You won’t get many.

Low and slow is the key here. And flip often.

Use thick-cut bacon, cook over the lowest flame, and rotate the strips to different locales so they cook evenly.

You must pay attention to your precious cured pork strips.

This is a totally hands-on, all attention necessary method.

But it’s worth it.

And while you’re cooking your bacon, you might want to consider frying up some Cinnamon Pear Fritters on the grill burner right next to you.

More on those later. . . .

(And yes – please don’t laugh – I did categorize this as “healthy”, only because as far as cooking methods go, grilling is pretty clean, and the fat is dripping away.)

6 thoughts on “Bacon On The Grill

  1. I can confirm that vegetarians (no matter what they might like you to believe) still love the smell of bacon. Too bad tofu bacon tastes like a tough old shoe.

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