Week who-knows-what, and “De-cluttering” rhymes with “welp”. . . . Wait, what?

I’ll give you one guess to figure out what this is.


Yup. It’s a bowl (plate) of fruit.

This is the recipe:

4 bananas, 3 pears, 3 clementines, 2 starfruits, and 1 hand painted plate from Mexico that your BFF unearthed from the dark recesses of the kitchen cupboard 4 weeks ago.

Feel free to improvise.

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Chipotle Chili Spiced Pepitas

Pepitas sound a little foreign.

Like maybe they don’t belong in this all-English speaking house.

But like so many other foods with Hispanic names, (i.e. taquitos, nachos, tacos, empanadas, chimichangas, enchiladas, burritos, pastilitos, picadillo, ┬álechon, carnitas. . . and so on. . . ) there’s pretty much no resisting them.

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Back to Mom-ing

Oh, my Friends.

Life has forced me into and out of a phase of personal evaluation.

I’ve had to contemplate my role in life right at this moment, with my kids at their current ages, and what exactly, is most important right. now.

And, for weeks, most certainly, the blog has not been that most important place.

I have missed it, on some level, but I’ve been more fulfilled by being with my family in every capacity. That is where I belong.

Life held me in a choke-hold and trained my eyes on the here and now, and said to me, “You need to figure out who you need to be.”

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Shortbread Play-Dough Cookies

We’ve got some Cane fans here! Woosh, Woosh!

Yes, we are fans of the Miami Hurricanes. We love us some orange and green.

I’m also a fan of our little buddy Nicky – who happens to be a fan of play-dough that magically transforms into something you can actually eat.

Lots of fan-type stuff going on in this post.

It’s a fan trail. A pack of fans. A fanny pack.

. . . That was a really long way to a really bad joke.

So I knew I had spotted some sort of play-dough looking cookies somewhere on the internet, somewhere in time, and the recipe is clipped away safely, somewhere on my computer.

But something also told me that these cookies were also going to be some kind of disgusting as far as taste goes.

So when Nicky was obsessed the other day with making play-dough cookies and his mom asked me if I knew how to make some, I thought of these.

I went the route of shortbread instead.

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