Back to Mom-ing

Oh, my Friends.

Life has forced me into and out of a phase of personal evaluation.

I’ve had to contemplate my role in life right at this moment, with my kids at their current ages, and what exactly, is most important right. now.

And, for weeks, most certainly, the blog has not been that most important place.

I have missed it, on some level, but I’ve been more fulfilled by being with my family in every capacity. That is where I belong.

Life held me in a choke-hold and trained my eyes on the here and now, and said to me, “You need to figure out who you need to be.”

And, my friends, my heart and soul did not reply to me, “Sara, you need to try ย your best to be Little Miss Blogger Extraordinaire.”

My heart and soul said, in a gentle reminding-type voice, “Sara, you need to be here. Your family needs you. This is your A #1 spot. Mom, wife, manager of this house filled with love and where every need is met”.

In the background, “. . . and don’t forget friend. Remember to be a friend.”

My friends and family have faithfully held me up over the past few months. They’ve jammed their fore-arms under my pits and yanked upwards, keeping me standing.

I cannot repay them for their support, but I’m going to try.

I’ve paid attention to this evaluation I’ve been required to do.

There is so much I’ve been able to change, in such a short amount of time, and all of it has made a difference in how we operate as this little family machine. I discovered, once again, that Mom is the oil that makes it run smoothly.

So this is what I’m saying:

I’m still going to be here. Just a little less.

I love this space and sharing and hearing from you all.

But I’m going to honor what I’ve learned the past few months.

I’m going to keep this little corner as my figurative secret tree-house – a spot for me to sneak away with my friends and be creative every now and then.

At the same time, I’m going to get back to Mom-ing the way it was meant to be for me.

And guess what you guys?

I’ve become a great housekeeper!!

I know! Miracle of miracles! No-one, would have ever guessed.

Not even me.

Maybe I’ll share over ,the next few weeks, just how I was able to convert! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hint number one: it rhymes with, ummm. . . ย welp.

The point, my friends, is that I am back. I’ve missed you, and things will be a little slower than they were before, but faster than they’ve been the last few weeks.

Thanks for sticking around anyway. That is a blessing to me.


Oh! and P.S. – that photo up above? Local friends – that’s from right here in our little town. Beautiful, right??

12 thoughts on “Back to Mom-ing

  1. Thanks so much for this post, to remind youself (and me) of what is important! I often wonder how so many can blog at such an extraordinary pace and because I can’t, won’t, don’t, I am somehow not meant to blog. That isn’t the case at all and it is lovely to hear someone say those words out loud.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚
      yes. and cheers to you my friend – the giver of that house-taming thing that rhymes with “welp”. . . which would be “help”!

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