Choca-Choca Wow-Wow Cookies

A couple of months ago, the universe felt I needed to gain some weight.

Two things happened:

1. My brother-in-law sent us a 31lb box of Runts.

Yes. You read it right, and I typed it right.

Thirty. One. Pounds.


Just looking at the box induces sore stomachs and the gag reflex.

2. My sister-in-law walked through our front door with roughly thirty of above pictured, sigh-inducing, eye-rolling, speech-stopping works of dreamy, chocolatey, baked perfection.

We went from thirty cookies to ten in roughly three hours. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving & a Beer with Jesus

Have you all heard the song, “If I Could Have a Beer with Jesus”, by Thomas Rhett?

I heard it the other day as I was mom-ing around, grid-locked by rush hour traffic – the airport on my left side, bustling with jumbo jets and cargo flights alike, corporate offices and fancy hotels on my right side, and dusk settling in front of me.

Goose flesh rippled on my arms and my heart fluttered.

Was it the words? Rhett’s voice? The melody of the guitar? That fact that the radio was playing a song about Jesus?

I don’t know, but the song followed me home and has been haunting me ever since. Continue reading

Red Wine & Butter (Slow-Cooker) Roast

When my biggest guy was a toddler, he coined a new phrase in our house.

As we paged through a coffee-table book that featured photos of lighthouses new and old from around the country, he fell upon a page that caused him pause.

The photograph was of a lighthouse silhouette back-lit by a stunning sunset of oranges, deep pinks, and hot reds. It was just the top half of the house, and around the unlit light was the glass housing, and around the housing was a smooth iron railing that ran a complete ring around the lighthouse.

It was the birds that stopped him though. Continue reading

Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

My first apple pie of the year dive-bombed into an epic fail the other day.

What was supposed to be a mouth-watering concoction of baked caramely apples dotted with cherry-cranberry compote all wrapped up in a buttery, flaky crust, manifested instead as a major mess in an under-cooked, too small crust.

Like I said.

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