heavy heart and simple peppermint bark

This week has been heavy.

Heavy with sadness and heavy with emotion.

Heavy with desire forĀ things to change.

I think of those children in Sandy Hook. I think of their parents and siblings, the families of the adults who were taken away, and my chest heaves. Continue reading

Chai Spiced Breakfast Bundt

Last week was full of things I wasn’t expecting. . .

. . . a dry spice mix I was confident would be amazing, and it sooo wasn’t.

. . . our internet router blitzing out on us so we were out of cyber-world contact unless we plugged in old-school, dial-up style. . . which was just not happening for me with a 3 foot cord plugged into the top of the TV.

. . . kids home sick from school. . . again and again and again and again. . . . Continue reading