A random list of books, blurbs, projects, nuts, & cheese

Yup, like the title says.

It’s random, and it’s a list.

Sometimes such lists are necessary. . .

. . . like when I have things I want to tell you and they don’t apply to a recipe.

So here we go:

Book Stash

1. I am giddy over this stash of books that arrived for me from the library – and this one sucked me in by page 19.  Right here, in fact:

“Hide,” came Lynnie’s whisper.

Martha pulled back and looked at Lynnie. The face showed nothing.

Martha leaned in once more.  “Hide,” Lynnie said again, and added, “Her.”


Want to read with me?

2. This was my favorite text from last week: Me to Little Friend’s mom after birthday sleepover breakfast:

“I think a preemptive apology is necessary – and I will leave it for you to tell [your husband]. . . . Our birthday breakfast tradition is pancakes with powdered sugar – eaten with fingers, like tacos.  This gets out of hand, usually.  And one or all of the kids try to lick their plates or coat their fingers w powdered sugar and lick it off (repeat as necessary until sugar is gone).  I know these are hideous manners, and I know [your little guy] was in shock and I know [your husband] is meticulous about manners. I explained to [Little Friend] that this was only allowed for bday breakfast in our house, and please don’t do it at home.  Then I hung my head in shame. Tell [your husband] I am sorry. . . .”

Yeah, sometimes my texts are long. . . .

And we don’t have manners for birthday breakfasts.

Day 18: Leave

Day 18: Leave

3. I’m so happy I found this Lenten project.

It’s inspiring, spiritual, introspective, applicable, and creative all in one – a modern and engaging way to keep contemplation on the forefront.

I might make it a tradition every year.

Today was day 20 – halfway through Lent – and I just learned about a Breath Prayer. 


Day 17: Prophet

Day 17: Prophet


On day 18,

I learned about Lectio Divina, an ancient spiritual practice from the Christian Monastic tradition.

It’s quiet and sweet and oh-so-personal.


Day 19: Thirst

Day 19: Thirst


My photos won’t mean the same things to you that they mean to me.

That’s OK.

It’s kind of what we’re after.

Today, my eyes are wide open. God is everywhere.




4. I’m so in love with these almonds, I might ask them to marry me.

Product Image

No, I’m not being paid to advertise them – although I wish I was.

They’re just incredibly tasty – and they let me feel like I’m cheating when I’m trying to be good.

If you jam 5 or 6 in your mouth at once, your nose might burn and your eyes might water from the wasabi.

It’s awesome if you’re into that sensation.

5. Apparently Burrata cheese a thing right now.

I can see why.

I had it in my entrée at a local restaurant a couple of weeks ago and spent inappropriate amounts of time Googling where I might be able to find it to have at home; then I wondered if I could make it.

The answer is yes, and it’s beautifully illustrated here. 

I just don’t know if I have it in me.

I think it goes on the list of “Things I’ll Do when The Kids Move Out and I have Loads of Extra Time On My Hands” . . .  although honestly, it doesn’t look like it takes much time at all.

Maybe I’ll move it to my “Fancy Food” list instead – right along with Rack of Lamb – totally intimidating.

6. I am super excited about the next recipe post. I’ll give you three hints:

  1. Toasted.
  2. Coconut.
  3. Cookies.

Until then, my Friends.


P.S. – Any lists you want to share with me?

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