An Impacted Life – Mark Bender; Day 6 Update


OK Guys ( and Gals. . .)

Here is the man himself, speaking from his hospital bed in Hawaii.
I’m sorry I couldn’t make the photo a little bigger, but I am somewhat YouTube/video embedding handicapped, and this is the best I could do at 6:45 AM on a Wednesday morning!

Just click on the pic – it will take you to the YouTube video, it’s about 10 minutes long, but so worth it. Such a courageous attitude in a time of trial.

He is amazed by the fundraisers going on for him – he says he always thought those were for really cool people.

Guess that means Mark is officially a “really cool people”!

“This is where I’m at and, things are good, you know?” said Mark.

If he can put today in perspective like that, so can we, right?


In case you didn’t see the original post about Mark and his family, click here to learn more.

And if you want to buy some totally awesome roasted coffee to help support them, go here and click on the “Bender Family Fundraiser” button.

If you’d like to just straight up donate some fat cash – go here – to their church’s website, where they have a fund up and running for the Bender family.

2 thoughts on “An Impacted Life – Mark Bender; Day 6 Update

  1. His optimism is beyond inspiring. I haven’t fixed my paypal gliche yet so I have been unable to donate, but will be by this Sunday. Many thanks to you, Sara, for sharing this with all of us and reminding us how lucky we are for our good health.

    To the Bender Family,
    Please know that there is someone far away thinking and praying for you very far away. So sorry for all that you are dealing with, but I am humbled by your uplifting attitudes and strength. Sending you lots of love! xoxo

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