Blondie No Bake Dough Bites {Vanilla Gorilla Poop} and a Gourmet Cookie Giveaway

Blondie No Bake Dough Bites; Vanilla Gorilla Poop

Let’s be real here.

I just saw a “Summer To-Do List” on Pinterest.

I tried it last year and half failed. . . or half succeeded if you’re an optimist. And it was more like 85% failed, 15% succeeded. . . . But I’m no mathematician. I can’t be exact.

I’m not going to get all lofty and over ambitious. Continue reading

I’ve got nothin’. . . .

Y’all, I’ve got nothin’ for ya.

I’m affecting a half-hearted Southern drawl by way of morphing into The-Mom-Formerly-Known-as-Sara after this grueling school-month of May.

We’re done.

But I’m a changed woman. . . Y’all. . . .

At least until I recover from the chaos.

If you are a mom, you get it. If you are not a mom, you probably don’t get it quite yet, although  – I received a link to this hilarious and satisfyingly accurate blog post from my sister sans kids – some how, she gets it too.

It explains it all. And it will make you moms laugh and cheer and jump up and down because this is exactly what the last month of school is like.

Well done, Jen Hatmaker.

School moms unite.

I say we print out Jen’s article and share it with teachers at the beginning of the school year.

Maybe with a little bribe “pre-thank you” gift or something. . . .

Just so we’re all on the same page.

Guys – I’m taking a breather. . . .

We’ll catch up in 10 days or so!


Stacked Wedge Salad

Stacked Wedge Salad with bacon, blue cheese, chives, celery; Smitten Kitchen Recipe

Let me give you a quick Wedge Salad run-down:

In our house, we like to call it “Wudgie Salad”.

Because, obviously, it’s more fun to say.

And of course, a wedgie is called a wudgie in our house.

You get it now.

This is a recipe from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Continue reading