Parmesan Corn Pudding Casserole

Parmesan Corn Pudding Casserole, corn pudding, corn casserole, recipe, side dish, holiday, entertaining, shallot, scallion, I’m grappling a little bit trying to hang on to summer.

I’m grappling a little bit trying to hang on to life as is used to be.

I’m grappling a little bit trying to keep my kids young.

I’m grappling a little bit trying to keep the house clean and catch up on doctor’s appointments and gather the last few errant school supplies.

I’m grappling a little bit to re-vamp our “junk food” into only mildly-junky health food.

I’m grappling a little bit to find the just right ways to love my loved ones.

And honestly, I’m grappling a little bit to write about something light and fluffy. Continue reading

Homemade Energy Bars (with Dates, Cherries, and Almonds)

Homemade Energy Bars; Dried fruit, nuts, oats, breakfast bars, dates, cherries, orange, almond

Sometimes I think the we should employ a food-rating system.

Same as movies or video games.

One where chocolate chip cookies are rated G and scary-ish type things like Stilton are rated R.

Salsa? Um, I’d say PG-ish. We must discuss the relative dangers of habaneros¬†and jalapenos with our children before they consume varieties of salsa.

These bars? They hover somewhere in the PG range too.

It’s the dried orange slices and the spices.¬† Continue reading

Spicy Peanut Cabbage Slaw

Spicy Peanut Cabbage Slaw

I’m pretty sure I just toxified a detox salad in two easy steps:

1) added peanut butter

2) added peanuts.


It’s going to make us eat cabbage.

Over and over again. Continue reading

DIY Faux Wood Photo Surface

DIY faux wood surface in brown and turquois. Made from foam board and acrulic paint for under $5.I’m going a little bit bonkers right now.

Just a little.

Clipping, editing, and arranging so many photos has me kind of jumping out of my skin.

I don’t do process photos.

This is why:

Patience. Continue reading