Pumpkin Pie Spiced Coffee; Fresh and Clear

Pumpkin Pie spiced coffee

Don’t you worry.

I’m not going to brush off all the wonders of fall flavors by shoving spiced coffee in your face.

There’s some baked apple goodness coming your way in a couple of days, and I will shove that in your face,  but this. . . .

This coffee thing just happened yesterday. Continue reading

The Quickest Way to a Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

The healthy breakfast smoothie shortcut. Complete with simple recipe.

I know talking about smoothies right now, since it is currently so autumn, is a bit like talking about all-day beef stew in the smouldering heat of summer.

Faux pas.

But let’s be real here.

For some of us, namely the us in the Southern US, it’s still reaching the high 80’s every day. Continue reading

Cheesy Baked Roma Tomatoes

Cheesy baked Roma Tomatoes

Even easy life can be tough sometimes.

I don’t mean the stupid stuff is tough, like laundry and taxes and being on time. That’s just “the grind” tough stuff.

I mean hard things like being true to yourself and others at the same time. Like being a person of strength and integrity. Like being willing to dig in deep and get dirty with the sweat and tears of introspection and substance. Continue reading

Poised and Ready

Poised and Ready


Food for thought. . . .


We’re laying here, the two of us, snuggled together on the living room floor.

We’re zipped into a fat green sleeping bag – little Her on the left, and big Me on the right.

Together we make a plump, chartreuse caterpillar that bounces every time she rolls to her side to puff a warm-breathed love note in my ear.

I savor the breeze of the words each time she steams up the side of my face with her sing-song, “I loooooove you Mommy!”

“I love you too, I love you too, I love you too,” I think hard as I squeeze and smooch her enough to elicit giggles from her gut and another juice-breathed, “I loooooooove you Mommy!” in my ear.

Please again. . . . 

In my heart I’m struggling with the giddy beauty of this moment as it plays hard against the fresh and raw truth that my boys are getting bigger.

This is no surprise. Continue reading