DIY Garbage Bowl

Me, the girl, and the plastic mare

That’s me and my girl right there. All three feet and thirty some-odd pounds of her.

Oh. . . and that’s a twenty year old plastic mare named Unicorn poking her head out of my purse.

We shop in a threesome sometimes.

Mostly at fancy places like Sally Beauty Supply, Costco, and Winn Dixie. Continue reading

Homemade Turkey Pastrami {Whole30, Paleo Compatible}

Turkey Pastrami, recipe, Whole30, paleo, healthy, DIY, homemade

Let’s eat lunch meat, Guys.

Luuuuunch Meeeeeat!! Where have you been for the last 18 days?!

Not up in my grill, that’s fo’ shizzle.

Until now.

Until I could make it, at home, free of funky stuff.

Funky-stuff-free lunch meat is darn near impossible to find.

And this poses a problem for us. Continue reading

Apple Pie Cookie Bars

Apple Pie Cookie Bars - fall spices, shortbread, and caramel apple filling. Yum! Fingerfood dessert

Guys – things are getting a little crazy around here.

October 1st, I did something I never ever in a million years thought I would do.

I embarked on the Whole30 Program with my husband.

Yes, yes. After mocking super strict and wildly restrictive diets (from my perspective), I went and did it.

Just call me Home is Where the Hypocrites Are. . . . Continue reading