neighborhood sunrise

There really is not much for me to say today.

November is winding down. We are on day 29 of 30, which means my mission of posting every day for a month (save yesterday) is almost complete – abundant typos and all.

I’m cozying in with my family, hoping for soup and reading, Christmas music and a fresh Douglass Fir.

Yes, I’m one of those.

I hope that you get the day you wish for too, whether it’s a day of frenzied shopping, outdoor exploring, boisterous gathering, or quiet presence.

Embracing Our Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

Traditional Thanksgiving

It’s dripping rain outside.

Still dark at 6 a.m., the drops are coming down rhythmic and thick.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and each time this reality settles deep inside me I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.

Excitement tickles my belly, a happy jumpiness threatens to throw me off-balance, and I hope, (but wonder IF), I will be able to maintain my cheer beyond the morning hustle.

Today I will make classic sweet potatoes. SWEET. Potatoes. We’re talking the real deal topped with an avalanche of mini marshmallows.

I’ll corral Yukon Golds into make ahead mashed potatoes, rich with butter and sour cream, and I’ll throw together a good ol’ green bean casserole topped with french fried onions from a can.

I thought about making the casserole from scratch this year, because, you know – healthy.

But our family is full of staunch traditionalists who balk at the new when it comes to holiday fare. Continue reading

Dear Friends, I will no longer be spelling Fahrenheit.

Spelling is fer the burds

I have a deep, dark secret guys. (I’ve started other posts this way, so in truth, I must have several deep dark secrets. Ooo. Mysterious me.) 






That’s the stark naked truth. Continue reading

Butt Rubbed Turkey Breast Tenderloin

Butt Rubbed Turkey TenderloinIs anyone panicking about Turkey today?

Anyone. . . ?Butt Rub Spices

I’m not.

Well, a little.

OK. I am. Sort of.

I don’t know why though, I don’t host at my house, and I’m not in charge of the turkey.

Me? I’m the potatoes gal. Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes. . . .

I’m like the Forrest Gump of potatoes. Continue reading

Our Pic Party!

Guys, we have an actual party on our hands!

Thank you, to all (Jennifer) who responded voluntarily.

And thank you to all (everyone else) who submitted to my guilt trip.

I have the best guilt-ridden (and one not) friends EVAR.

Dive in to the pics – and thanks again guys, for turning our two person party into a six person shindig! Continue reading

Remember? The Pic Party?


Here’s the deal Friends, Readers, People of all inclinations –

Whether you are a picture taker or not, our little photo party is turning out to be just me and a lovely reader named Jennifer.

Can you all just take one pic today?

Just one, and zip it on over?

Otherwise, me and Jennifer are going to be standing around in cyber-space, awkwardly twiddling our thumbs and making conversation about:

  1. her photo
  2. my photo Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Quick Bread

Dark Chocolate Quick Bread: Pumpkin and Cashew butter give this dessert bread a dark and decadent texture

Aww Yeah.

I just said that.

Dark. Chocolate. Bread.Dark Chocolate Quick Bread - grain free decadent quick bread

Ummmm hmmmm.

And you know what’s all up in there?

Cashew butter, pumpkin, pure cocoa, and dark chocolate chunks.

Must I say anything else?

I kind of don’t want to say it’s Paleo bread because then all you normal eaters won’t bother trying it, but I promise you, I PROMISE:

you can’t.


tell. Continue reading



Brave is something I am not.

At least, not voluntarily.

Brave is something I have to force onto myself, like forcing a bath on a 5-year-old boy.

You must do it. You have to do it to keep yourself healthy and strong and growing.

But, after all my 30+ years, and plenty of opportunities to practice at it, I still stink at “brave”.

I wear cowardice like an old comfortable sweatshirt. It’s my habit, and it’s way easier.

Keeping the pot smooth and unstirred?  Shrinking from conflict? Ahhh. My specialties. Those are my secret hiding places. They are where I can breathe. How deep, exactly? Hmm. Good question. Continue reading

Pure, Unadulturated Homemade Cashew Butter

Pure, Homemade Cashew Butter

I think I might be allergic to sugar. Homemade cashew butter, step 1

I know. I’m having heart palpitations too.

Thank you for your sympathetic panic.

And by allergic, I mostly mean it makes me angry.

I think.

It was either the sugar, or the sulfur dioxide in the half bag of dried mangoes I chowed the other day. cashew butter step 2

It made me want to punch something.

Or it could have been lack of sleep.

Or I was hungry.

OK. So it might not have been the sugar.

PH the hew. (that’s “phew” to those who need interpretation. . .).Homemade cashew butter, step 3

Because all I’m going to say is you need to make this cashew butter.

Not just for the cashew butter itself, but because soon, I’m going to bust out a recipe for a chocolate loaf that’s going to make you sing like Stephen Tyler.

No, seriously.

Even if you’re not a Paleo eater or a caveman,Homemade Cashew Butter, step 4 you are going to love this loaf.


So get your cashews and your food processor, and get prepared.

It’s a top-notch day when baking chocolate bread is on the to-do list.

Oh, and a shout out to my boys – “Hey Boys!!” – Homemade Cashew Butter, step 5who chuckled themselves silly last night as we browsed my favorite food blogs together and they pointed out how every last little crumb was staged.

Oh yeah.

I staged ’em boys.

Those cashews are meticulously placed.

All you’re going to need in order to make this Homemade Cashew Butter, Step 6cashew butter happen, is raw cashews and a food processor.

A heavy-duty blender does the trick nicely too.

And all you have to do to make it happen, is add the cashews to the bowl, (it doesn’t even matter how much you use. Randomly choose if you’re feeling edgy. I went with 3 cups of raw nuts),  then whir, whir, scrape, whir, scrape again, whir some more, scrape, and whiiiiiiirrrrrrr.


Recipe? We don’t need no stinkin’ recipe.