In the inerest of knowing each other better. . . .(and tiny giveaways).

saturday morning well spentThis, up above, is evidence of our Saturday morning well spent.

Paper, markers, a giant bowl of ooples and banoonoos,  and somewhere a stapler on the loose to create such things as books entitled, “My Creations. Written by Me. Illustrated by Me”.

Me, as in my little guy. Who is most definitely an artiste.

He makes things like this totally hard-rubbed colored pencil rectangle.

I heart this.

Is it just me, or do you dig it too?

I know I’m biased

This is our snack station.

(Really just a line-up of recycled jars packed with nibbles).

I never dust it – as evidenced by the pepitas jar lid. If I could draw on the picture I would – with an arrow and a circle and a scribble that says, “See? There’s the dust.”

I only dust in dire situations, and I’ve yet to meet such a situation as dire as might require dusting the pepitas lid.

Cadence the Purple Unicorn and her Fabulous Up-Do

That’s Cadence, the pink unicorn.

She’s the good guy, and she’s got a gnarly up-do.

The little yellow pony, Apple Jack, that came packaged with her? She’s the bad guy.

I just learned these unicorn/pony dynamics this morning by eavesdropping on my little gal’s phone convo with her Godmother.

Cadence stands watchful guard while her little mama’s making egg casseroles. It’s the way of gnarly haired, good-guy unicorns everywhere.

Reading with Grandma

She “read” this book to her grandma this weekend. It was a totally engrossing story with lots Spanglish-ish language sprinkled in. (Yes. Double “ish” on that one).

It was a reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally long book.

Thank goodness for the patience of grandparents.

Or – actually – thank grandparents for the patience of grandparents. . .

Dust Reed DiffusersThe dusting thing again.

See? I don’t dust diffusers either.

It’s been so long since I’ve addressed these little scented sticks, in fact, that  I had to look up what they were called.

Did you remember that’s what they are?

You’re house probably smells prettier than mine if you did.

You’re in the scented oil wick know.

book stash11 AM Saturday.

Dad took the kiddos fishing.

I took a bath.

A long, hot bath at 11AM.

And yes. That is the October issue of Real Simple.

I’m a little behind on my magazine reading.

Well,  I was behind. . .

DIY Taco Seasoning ChefsSome of us get dressed for church on Sunday morning.

Some of us also come home and immediately change back into cozy jammies that sport elk silhouettes all over the pants.

Who can fault the guy?

I’d do it if I had cozy elk-laden jammies too.

These two measured and stirred together a new batch of DIY Taco Seasoning. We adjusted a little and halved the chili powder and red pepper flakes, and doubled the cumin.

And then they stirred it really fast and made sure to sprinkle some all over the counter.

That’s the secret of our secret recipe – a messy process makes it taste better.

Oh! And, of course – I know you didn’t guess it yet – I decided to play with my camera.

Therefore: the pics, questionable quality, and funky editing.

What about you?

What did your weekend look like?

Leave me a comment below, and I’ll send one lucky, randomly selected, commenter something small and nifty – an itty bitty surprise from me to you (I don’t know what it will be yet, but i know it will be fun!), just to say “Thanks for being here!”

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12 thoughts on “In the inerest of knowing each other better. . . .(and tiny giveaways).

  1. I love all these photo captures! And I agree about dusting, except when something is black…it SO noticeable. I’m impressed you got a 11am bath!! I constantly tell myself that I should take a bath, a really really hot one, but then I still haven’t. And I’m a post church pajama person too…although instead of animal prints, I’ve recently stolen my husbands fleece pants. Amazing. He’s never getting them back.

    Question: what editing software are you using to experiment with?

    • Picmonkey. LOVE, love, love it!! My camera does some funky stuff that I’m playing with too. Maybe weekends I’ll make it my mission to figure out all the tricks in the manual that I never use!

  2. I remember an interior designer once saying that she liked two-panel doors instead of four or six-panel doors, because there was less to dust. I looked at my husband and said, “people actually dust their doors??”

    So yeah. I’m with you.

    • I remember snorting out loud when I read about a technique of using dental floss to clean the base of your kitchen sink faucet. I made a comment to a friend about “who on earth flosses their kitchen faucet?!”
      She just stared at me and blinked in silence.
      Her. I guess she does.
      Hmmm. Amazing and peculiar housekeeping things – faucet flossing and. . . dusting.

  3. My parents were visiting us this weekend. Lots of fun times with grand mom and pop-pop. Laughing, football, yummy dinners- it was to short of a visit.

  4. What a fun post! I love the “behind the scenes” type posts–it’s so fun to get a more personal glimpse! My weekend was spent working on an upcoming post for a client, and taking care of a sick baby. He’s had a crazy month of one thing after another, and another virus hit on Saturday. We’re all pretty sick of each other and being cooped up at this point. 🙂

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