When You Have too Many Brown Bananas and Not Enough Recipes

too many bananasIt happens to the best of us.

Too many bananas.

Not enough time.

Here’s how to put your bananas on hold until you are ready for them – not the other way around.

Bananas are not the boss of you. 

Peel them. Place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Freeze them.

If you’re feeling especially industrious, you can even slice them first for smoothie purposes.

Once they are frozen, seal them in a zip-top freezer bag and tell them you’ll get back to them when you darn well please.frozen bananas

Like when you’re ready to bake Healthy Banana Muffins, or Bananas Foster Layer Cake, or pecan-crumble-topped Banana Breakfast Coffee Cake.

Then you’ll be back to get them.

On your terms.

That’s right.

You’re taking charge of your banana dominated life.

Baby steps, Friends. Baby steps.

5 thoughts on “When You Have too Many Brown Bananas and Not Enough Recipes

  1. I do this all the time! When I’m extra lazy/don’t have time, I throw them in with the peels on. When they freeze, I think they look like scary witch fingers. And that banana foster cake…wow. That looks amazing. I might have to make that for a special treat. (FYI – The link for your coffee cake didn’t work.)

  2. I’m lazy so I always put them in with the peel. They get black and yucky-looking. Maybe I’ll try this next time. And by next time, I mean today because of the nanners attracting fruit flies in my kitchen as I type this…

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