An Invitation to Get Creative and Submit Your Pics. . .

For the better part of two years now, I’ve convinced myself there is nothing really pretty around my house to photograph.

Been there, done that.

All of it.

I’ve been confident that developing the frustrated photographer inside me could only happen once I made plans to get out of the house at precisely the right times, and I’d only be able piddle around looking for opportunities if I had hours upon hours free of any kiddos pulling on my pockets. I also just knew my camera wouldn’t give me results that tickled my fancy.

Then I  started noticing things like pink lights through foggy shower doors and bright, fresh plants on windowsills and realized. . .  they’re kind of pretty after all. And I’ve never photographed them. And. . . huh. This camera is a clever little thing.

windowsill b2

What totally caught me off guard though, was the discovery that there are apparently glowing green fairies doing jackknife dives into my morning coffee. . . cool.

What about you and your camera?

Let’s do this:

Take some snaps over the next week, and send me your fave. We’ll have ourselves a little cyberspace pic party and I’ll post them next Sunday.

The guidelines are these:

  • No identifiable people.
  • Subject matter is not limited to food. Of course food is always welcome, but feel free to get creative.
  • Photo must be 450 pixels by 450 pixels. If you don’t know how to do this, no sweat, I can do it for you. (If you’ve never done it and you want to learn something new – hop on over to and do it there.)
  • One submission per person.
  • By submitting your photo, you release the rights for me to publish it to Home Is Where The Cookies Are.
  • Having a blog is not required. If you do have one, however, and would like me to link back to you, I will absolutely do so. But listen – blogless peeps – this is for you too, so don’t be shy.
  • I am not the boss of many things. I am the boss of this blog however, so it follows that I have the last word over whether or not I will publish a pic. It’s totes my judgement call. Let’s keep it clean and appropriate, m’kay? I don’t anticipate anyone arguing with me, but in case you were contemplating it, don’t do it. I’ve already won this one by default.
  • This is not a contest, but I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I will draw a number out of a hat to send one random participant a thank you gift. Maybe, maybe not. I know – I’m sorry. Commitment is not my thing as of this very second today. But one never knows . . . .
  • To participate, submit your photo by email to

See you next Sunday!

(Well, I’ll see you every day in between too, but you know what I mean.)

3 thoughts on “An Invitation to Get Creative and Submit Your Pics. . .

  1. I’ve made an effort these past few months to keep my camera handy, and take more pictures of random things. It’s a great way to create a snapshot of every day life. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

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