Right now. . .

butternut squash

Right now, I’m thinking this squash ought to be paired up with some baguette slices, goat cheese, and pecans. . . somehow.

I also can’t wait to get back to this book.

I’m totally craving this soup. And people, it’s PAH/stah eh fah/DJOH/lee. Pasta e Fagioli, not fag-ee-oh-lee. Not fazool. Not fajool. At least – I think so. Any genuine Italian readers out there that can clear this up for us?

I still have dreams about how amazingly amazing these scones were – even when I subbed in gluten free flower. Man, oh man. . . . Seriously. Click over and check. You won’t regret it. Think Saturday morning, coffee, a book. . . .

I need to clean. Like, really clean. Like de-clutter the shiznit out of every-freakin-where. Maybe this list will help me?

If I don’t get my holiday-self organized pronto, I’m going to need to start carrying a paper bag in my back pocket to thwart hyperventilization. I think I might need one of these binders. . . .

Speaking of hyperventilating. . . I need to go find myself a bag.

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