Dear Friends, I will no longer be spelling Fahrenheit.

Spelling is fer the burds

I have a deep, dark secret guys. (I’ve started other posts this way, so in truth, I must have several deep dark secrets. Ooo. Mysterious me.) 






That’s the stark naked truth.

Sometimes I won’t even type things because I’m not sure how exactly they are spelled, and I’m too lazy to open another tab and command Google, “Spell: Whatever”.

So rather than use the word that was on the tip of my tongue (tounge?), I will backtrack and use an alternative word or phrase instead. (as in: the first word that popped into my mind).

Normally, spell-check saves my skin in the main body of my posts, but the recipe plug-in, as far as I can see, does not offer such service.

So sometimes, I slop together words in poorly spelled fashion.

Growing up, I used to spell the same word several different ways within one assignment so that I could hedge my bets. I’d get at least one right, for sure.

Like: attach. atach. attatch. atatch.

Look at them long enough, and pretty soon you might be confused too.

I remember this one though: it’s attach. . .(It is, right?)

I spelled that one six different ways in a paper. Over and over again, hoping to that at least once I’d hit the jackpot.

As we all know, that would mean I got it wrong at least 5 times, but that was neither (niether?) here nor there for me. I just wanted to get it right once.

Another fatal writer’s flaw?

I write really freaking early in the morning.



Which means that frequently, I am just barely awake and functioning.

So things slip.

Like Farenheight. Fharenheit? Fahrenheit? Fahrenheight? (This is a case in which I decide to scrap the word and use: F)

And, last but not least, sometimes my mind moves faster than my fingers, and words turn into things they are not supposed to be, i.e. adn, becuase, hte, etc. . . .

I appologize. (apologize?)

If the occasional (occassional?) misspelled (miss-spelled?) word shows up wild and wonky and in your face and it bugs the heck out of you, I am sorry.

I don’t mean to be an in-your-face misspeller. (miss-speller?).

It’s a writer’s fatal flaw.

It’s the way God created me though. A bit of heavenly humor, I guess.

One who loves to write but is terrible at spelling?

Yes, that’s me.

And I’m so happy you are still here reading.

If you catch me slaughtering a word here and there, and spell check has not caught it, please let me know.

I am very happy to correct it as soon as it comes to my attention.

And just FYI. No spell-check was used in the writing of this particular post.

I am humbled before you.

(OK. So, I just ran spell check to see what I mangled on the first try. Apologize, “speller”- I guess there is no such real word – and, ironically: spell check. All the main points of this post. Ha! All I can do is laugh.)

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2 thoughts on “Dear Friends, I will no longer be spelling Fahrenheit.

  1. Cracking up at your attach/atach/attatch/atatch scheme! You may be a bad speller, but an excellent strategist.

    Spelling is humbling. I fancied myself an okay speller, but a few years ago discovered I’d been having issues with “definately” for years. DEFINITELY. Ugh. Will never make that mistake again.

      • Eh. I’m nothing if not clever. 😉 Definately has always been a stumbler for me too. I remember it now because things that are definite are FINITE. Right? And no one ever spells finite, finate. . . .

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