Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

A baby in a manger.

Parents puffing steamy breaths as they bend over to peek at his tiny fingers and toes.

Hearts beating out cadences of unmatched love.

Choirs of angels singing in the sky.

Shepherds trekking through fields after watching them on concert.

Sheep edging close to this squawking bundle of an infant.

Mary whispering prayers on her chilled, childbirth weakened lips.

Waves of love and fret washing over Joseph.

It’s cold. We don’t have blankets. Will my wife and this tiny, pink, blessed baby be alright?

This baby.

A gift unlike any other. Wrapped in a ragged ribbon of swaddling clothes.

An unlikely messiah, entering the world quiet and unassumed.

But He comes and breathes joy. . .

light. . .

hope.. .

and Love.


Merry Christmas!

Snickerdoodle Cupcake Cookies


Snickerdoodle cupcake cookies, bite size cookies in cupcake form, filled with delicious spiced buttercream frosting.Urgh.

I keep writing, deleting. Writing, deleting.



I just can’t seem to pull something together.

Mostly, I think, it’s because there is an ongoing skirmish simmering low inside me.

It’s all about Christmas, and no matter how much I want to ignore it, I can’t deny that there are two sides to this story – and they both are hunting down prime real estate in my heart. Continue reading