Happy New Year!

New Year's Bonfire

Things have been quiet around here.

I haven’t really been cooking – except for short ribs and mashed potatoes for Christmas, fondue on Christmas Eve, egg casserole and monkey bread on Christmas morning, and burritos with guac on New Year’s eve. . . .

And I just might venture into the kitchen today to make a broccoli salad.


It’s like all that baking before Christmas stole all my cooking wind.

We’ve ordered hamburgers in, been treated to a lamb, scallops, and mushroom risotto supper with a dozen or so friends at one couples’ condo on the beach, joined my husband’s brother and his wife for Hibachi dinner, ordered pizza, eaten leftovers, brought in sub sandwiches. . . .

It’s been easy and awesome, and I’ve thankfully found my way back to craving veggies instead of cake. (Kind of. . . . )

We’ve been taking life easy, with a capital E.

My husband hasn’t had this much time off, in town, in so many years that I can’t even remember when it might have been.

We’ve been coloring with the kids, building Legos, playing Candyland, teaching them Chess (I watch, he teaches. . . . ), building mini-bonfires in the fire pit, and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows for dinner on New Year’s day . . . .

The boys (including the grown up one), have been building domino towers and tricks and trails, and the little guy records it like that’s the prize – video documentation of the latest and greatest stunt.

The little gal has been snuggling in with any and all of the five (yes, FIVE) stuffed unicorns that graced her acquaintance Christmas morning.

We’ve been watching Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Brave like it’s our BIZness.

We’ve been enjoying nightcaps like we’re on an island vacation, and in the process, I’ve discovered a new favorite Prosecco (thanks bro & sis-in-law!). It’s perfectly dry and bubbly, just the way I like it:

Armani Prosecco

I’ve been avoiding cleaning like the plague (except for a split 24 hours when we packed away the Christmas decor and new toys – because, well. . . six people + their clutter + 1600 sq. feet of house, yo.), enjoying coffee at odd hours, and staying in pajamas all day more days than not.

It’s like our lives have slowed to a near stop and we’re being and doing only just enough to stay alive and enjoy the fact that we are and that we’re doing alive together.

Hubs has been watching sports, the kids have been playing Xbox, and I have been reading like a crazed maniac.






And this:

Yes, I’ve read them all since Christmas (except Bird by Bird – I am stuck halfway through, because I’m just not interested in writing fiction at the moment and more compelling books are pulling my attention right now).

Do you read cookbooks too?  I read them once all the way through, then choose which dish I want to try first. This one above was a gift from my sister. I’m pumped to try out some of Walker’s recipes. Even if me and my guy are only sort-of-paleo these days, so many of the recipes look delicious, and I’m definitely game to give them a shot.

So what’s up with you? What’s your holiday stretch been like?

Happy New Year, Folks. Party like it’s 2014!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. After reading this this morning, we had a jammy day in your honor 🙂 so nice! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy new year and hope to see you soon!

  2. Happy New Year! So amazing that you cooked a New Year’s Day dinner outside–next time, I’m totally coming, yo.

    Love that you got some rest and quality time–you deserve it for sure!

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