Vaca Frita (and a recipe for traditional crock pot roast)

Vaca Frita - a traditional Cuban dish of shredded beef, garlic, onions, and lime.

From last Wednesday (When I originally started this post. Yes. It’s taken me that long. Don’t ask, and I won’t bother telling. I know the world keeps turning):


I just:

– ate three mini-boxes of candy hearts

– glanced at the supplies for a Valentine’s craft that I’ve had for a week and I’m wondering if I can squeeze it out and share it with you before, um, Valentine’s Day.

– started thinking it needs to be an Springtime craft. . . . (CONFIRMED).

– put away 3.5 lbs of slow cooked pot roast, and I’m ok with that, because it means tomorrow or the day after, we get VACA FRITA, rice and beans, and roasted plantains.¬†We will all now commence in a family wide happy-dance. (If you don’t know what Vaca Frita is, well, I feel a little sad for you. But no worries. I’ll show you. Then you too, can know the bliss of: fried cow. I know, right?? Vaca Frita sounds so much better.) Continue reading

One Dough, Twelve Ways

One Dough, Twelve Ways: A versatile drop sugar cookie dough. Make one recipe and dress it a dozen different ways!

What happens when you discover a cookie dough that works as both chocolate chip cookie dough and the best sugar cookie dough ever? (Sugar cookie lovers, Pin this one!)

You make it about once a week, that’s what happens.

Then you start sticking all kinds of accessories on top of the naked dough balls – candied orange bits, salted nuts, white chocolate chunks, leftover peppermints from Christmas (Hey – don’t judge – I bet you have some too. . . .), purple and pink star sprinkles. . . .

And on top of all that kooky fiddling, you realize the dough chills perfectly well rolled up into a nifty little log that can be sliced, topped, and baked any time you darn well please. Continue reading