Teacher Love, Plus A Vase (totally recycled and recyclable)

Daisy in recyclable vaseDear Teachers,
I have so many things to tell you, but let’s start first with the confessions:

First on the list is this: I’m sorry, but I have officially checked out for the school year. There are only 26 days left. Maybe only 24 if you don’t count tomorrow or the actual last day. I think you are awesome, and there’s no way I could do what you do, so I fully, totally, completely appreciate your career choice and the fact that somehow, day-to-day, you keep it together and keep showing up for work and, by the grace of God, end up teaching our children how to read and write and add stuff together.

Second on the list has to do with the first. Since I’ve checked out for the school year, my kids may or may not have their work in on time. They might miss something here or there. They might try to squish 3 spelling words into one sentence and call it good. They might fudge on their math homework a little. We might just barely squeak by for the last few weeks. I’m sorry. I just can’t do it anymore. The sun is beautiful. The air is hot. I’m tired of yelling and nagging and being the homework drill sergeant. I realize school’s not out for the summer yet, but in my head it is. I almost forgot to sit them down for homework tonight because we were too busy playing at the pool, showering clean, then lazing around in our jammies as we munched grilled burgers for dinner. I’m sorry, but the dog days have already settled upon our house.

Third is that they might come to school looking a little frazzled. Their hair might be sticking up in multiple spots. Their uniforms may or may not be wrinkled. They might try to smuggle-wear a t-shirt under their logo sweater instead of abiding by the officially sanctioned golf shirt. It’s really because – you guessed it – I’ve already checked out for the summer. Their swimsuits will be clean. Our beach towels are folded and ready to go. The pool bag is packed. The cooler is ready. But uniforms? Pshh. Whatevs. We don’t need those anyway, ‘cuz it’s summer.

And the fourth and final confession is this: If you assign a big project that requires absurd amounts of adult supervision, it’s probably not going to get done – at least not done well. My motivation is nill. Like I said: me + right now = Checked. Out.

Urban chic vase - from recycled materials

Now beyond confessions, I need to say this. You guys are one creative bunch. Somehow your juices keep on flowing (thank heavens!), and you bring some sweet inventiveness to life. I adore when I see something you’ve done (Mrs. G, I’m talking to you: that little April Fools stunt, and the Christmas Elf, and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory love you inspired?? BRILLIANT!) that’s got my little chicklet jabbering non-stop because he’s just so dang excited about what went on in the classroom today? THAT there is talent, my friend – to be able to inspire a palpable, buzzing interest in a student. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And to Mrs. M? This super cool, urban chic, little recycled & recyclable flower vase?


An actual cool, cute, usable, trendy, fashionable recycled project.


Internet friends? This is what you need and what you do to make your own:

Materials:Urban Chic Recyclable Vase

1 (1 liter) plastic bottle (smooth-sided is easier to use)

Double sided tape

old, loose, magazine pages

a pencil

glue stick.


Step 1: starting at the long edge of a loose magazine page, line a pencil up evenly with the edge and begin rolling the paper around the pencil until you reach the other side. Leave about a half-inch unrolled. Run a glue stick down the magazine page edge, parallel with the pencil. Finish rolling the paper all the way to the end. Stand the roll up, and let the pencil fall out. Repeat until you have enough rolls to surround the whole bottle. My guy used 45 rolls around his.

Once all your rolls are complete, take the double-sided tape, and create 3 or 4 horizontal rings around the outside of the plastic bottle.

Then, carefully but firmly, press each tube of rolled magazine paper to the bottle to attach it to the tape. Continue until the bottle is completely surrounded and covered by magazine rolls.


Craft credit: I don’t know exactly where Mrs. M got this idea, but my little guy is pretty sure she found it somewhere on the internet. It’s probably out there somewhere, and we loved the idea, so thank you, Super Creative Person who invented this chic little vessel.

Oh! And speaking of CRAFTY! Head over to BonBon Break and check out this post. They featured lil’ ol’ me, and (Oh, the irony!) my bio mentions me parking myself behind my good ol’ point-and-shoot Canon. And. . .  plan on spending a few minutes over there. Totally got sidetracked by this post re: talking about sex with your kids, and this one about cheesey cauliflower, and this one about babies ruining bodies (mine’s been trampled, stretched out, and wrinkled beyond oblivion four times.) My fave quote? “My body is only a vessel for my spirit. An incredible vessel. It is strong, well, able, and undefeated.” Yes, yes it is.

6 thoughts on “Teacher Love, Plus A Vase (totally recycled and recyclable)

  1. This is such a cute vase! Having my first experience with school this year, I can only imagine how much more I will understand this letter once they’re allll in school coming home with odd things to do 😛

  2. Oh gosh. I don’t understand how parents make time for all those adults-required homework projects, and I don’t remember such things from my own school days–I mean, sheesh. My parents worked! Isn’t homework supposed to be, y’know, for the kids?

    Modern life, man.

    And what a cute project idea! Love. It.

    • I know, right? My parents helped me some. . . . I distinctly remember a monstrous 4th grade science project about hydro-electricity and what a pain in the butt it must have been for my mom. . . . And I remember arguing through, ahem, I mean – respectfully doing – math homework with my dad. But it was not to this same degree.

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