A Turkey Day Doodle

Thanksgiving doodle 2014

For you, Lovelies. A Thanksgiving day doodle for the kids to color while the bird roasts and you sweat your booty off in the kitchen. . . .

Oh, wait, I mean. . . for you to color with your kids while you all enjoy Hallmark quality family time around a cozy fireplace with hot chocolates in hand.

Or, you could print ’em up, roll ’em up, tie ’em with a ribbon, and tuck them in with each place setting. Then you all can talk about what you’re thankful for. Examples included in the doodle:

  • Mr. Worm, “I’m thankful for hot dogs!!”
  • Mr. Turkey, “I’m thankful for steaks!”
  • Mr. Giraffe, “I’m thankful for polka dots!”

I’m thankful for cool Southern winter days, warm little fingers that still hold mine, squeezy husband hugs, shiny new friendships and those that are weathered and worn, fresh journeys, and answered prayers. And you! I’m thankful for you crazy peeps who keep coming around these parts for better or for worse. ♥♥♥

What are you thankful for??

2 thoughts on “A Turkey Day Doodle

  1. Hahaha, love the turkey. Keepin’ it real: eat steak, people!

    I’m thankful for a long and exhausting but lovely visit home, for lots and lots of nephew-induced laughs, for the cleverness of the older one and the sweetness of the younger one, for how easy it is to impress them (popeye eggs anyone?), for hours spent cooking with my sister, for a new city and a refreshed, renewed outlook, for long walks across the river, and for the best farmer’s market ever just blocks away from me.

    Hope your holiday was lovely, dear!

    • This is such a nice comment! I can’t believe I missed it until today. Your gratitudes are lovely – I’m glad you’re enjoying your new city!! I love it there!

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