Raspberry Lemonade Bars + Random Things. . .

raspberry lemonade bars

I have a bit of writer’s block right now. Or blogger’s block.

I can’t seem to motivate to write about. . . hmmm.  Anything.

I sat here today (actually last Wednesday), wondering, “If I could write about anything right now, what would it be?”

And it was all so random.

I’d tell you that I just bought jeans from thredUP, and I’m really hoping they’re my next faves, because I’ve tried on roughly 89 pairs of jeans in the last three months and none of them do my old ones any justice. Holey (not holy) jeans get all the props these days, but – as my husband gently (and rightfully) points out – I need to stop wearing at least one pair of mine.

holey jeans 650

I’ve earned those holes – they’re legit. Pair number one was a hand-me-down dream to begin with, but I’ve worn through both knees – which now sport gigantic, cavernous holes – not just cool stringy holes. In fact, when I put them on, I have to be careful I don’t jam my whole leg through the knee hole. So there’s that.

I’ve also been working on my note cards for the #write_on Challenge. I find this both stimulating and intimidating, and this is what I’m learning: even though I dove into the project with a sincere intention to use every note card as a way to practice my hand lettering (because frankly, I STINK at hand lettering) I’m nearly paralyzed when it comes time to . . . deface. . . one of my drawings with poopy hand lettering. (Yes, I just said poopy. There’s no other better descriptor available to my brain at this point.) This is where I also realize that the trend for messy hand lettering is a Blessing with a capital B.


I just exercised for the first time in MONTHS yesterday (as in last Tuesday). And by exercise, I mean I walked a reasonable amount of time, gabbing with a friend the entire way, then we made up a little muscle toning session at the end. Girls (and guys). My arms are sore. And my chest, and my . . . upper rib cage? What the.

It’s 4:30 pm and the kids have asked me no less than 3 times what is for dinner. I keep saying, “I don’t know yet”. Because – I don’t know yet. (Turns out is was Tuna Casserole, because when you don’t know, it’s best to go old school.)

And also, there’s this thing about “grace” that’s been lingering in the back of my conscience, and I know I’m learning something about it. I just haven’t quite been able to bring it into focus yet. I know I feel like I need to learn how to give it in almost every situation that frustrates me. On the flip side, I know I desperately need it – from my people, and strangers, and folks I see every day but might not know their name (which – by the way, is another issue I’ve been minorly stressing about. I need to fix that. If I see someone every day and don’t know their name, WHY??)

And the shelter. Our coffee and art gatherings each week. They’re happening, and they’re changing. These ladies are oh-so talented, and they’re challenging everything I thought I knew. We are stretching each other, and week in and week out I walk away with bits and pieces of me all mixed up and on both hot and cold sides. I feel sort of all jumbled up and unfocused and I’m not sure how one goes about streamlining those out of orbit pieces.

I mostly blame Instagram and its massive distraction capabilities for my severe lack of focus because it’s like my phone has its own gravitational pull and sucks my finger to the screen every five minutes. I don’t want to be a slave to my phone, but obvs, I kind of do – or I wouldn’t be checking my phone every 5 minutes. . . .  Suggestions?

And food! The food we’ve been eating has been so easy and recipe free lately. I have to admit, ditching the effort to measure and note-take on everything has been so liberating – and it’s allowed me a deep sigh of relief in the evenings. Thus the food-related radio silence.

If I were to share those recipes, they would sound a lot like this:

Cook some pasta in one pot (salt the water!). While that’s going, saute some red onions in olive oil and butter. Throw in some bacon bits and stir a little.  Add in some chopped broccoli. Sautee for a few minutes, add in some cream and shredded parmesan cheese. Drain pasta when it’s done and toss it all together. Shabam! Dinner. . . . (with a quick phone cam shot. . . ).

Creamy Bacon and Broccoli Pasta

Could we do recipes that loosely? Could we start a new thing? It would be part of a recipe or, shall we say, a partcipe. . . .

But I must tell you this:

We DID, in fact, make the Berry Lemonade Bars (pictured at the start of this post) from Cooking Light Magazine for Easter dessert and they are as close to perfection as you can get in a sweet and tart spring-y cookie bar.

We just didn’t discover how delicious they were until Tuesday, because seriously. Robin’s Eggs and Jellybeans took Sunday over by force and it took us 48 hours to work our way out of sugar sweats. (They’re real, yo.)

I had to laugh out loud when I my sister sent me a screen shot of Momastery’s Facebook hash tag, #Jesustakethebeans , because yes. Jesus, seriously – take the blasted beans.

So, anyway – here’s the recipe for the berry bars. I made them exactly as the recipe states, and used all raspberries. They’re super yum and worth the effort. You’ll enjoy them for sure. I’d pinky swear on this one.

And hey – I’ve been saying it on Instagram and Facebook – if you’d like me to send you one of my doodled cards during the month of April? Just direct message me on Insta, or private message me on FB, or send me an email to sara at wherethecookiesare (dot) com. And I’ll send you one. Oh, and because one reader wrote me and made my heart smile with her words (Miss Solvor!!), I realized all over again how much I love hearing from you. If you want to tell me a little bit about how you found me and what you particularly like and would like to see more of here and there, I’d love to hear the feedback. I might even stick a little thank you recipe card in your envelope too.

Until next time, friends!

6 thoughts on “Raspberry Lemonade Bars + Random Things. . .

  1. Sugar sweats… Ahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

    I feel you. I didn’t realize how my sugar tolerance had gone down (thankfully) until I attempted to hoover a bag of Robin eggs. #Jesustaketheeggs

    Seriously though, love the cards–AND your hand-lettering. And the random bloggness. For real.

  2. I love this post! I think it perfectly encompasses how all moms feel this time of year…scattered, yet, oddly at peace with it. We aren’t trying to kill it, like in the fall, or get through it, like the winter; we are just bopping along on a placid sea. Gotta love it.

    Oh, and the recipe, you know I might actually make that one! I am completely turned off by real recipes so one of those “eyeballer” ones is great for a slacka like myself!

    Hope to talk to you today! xoxo

    • lol. I knew you’d be all over that. I’m now seriously considering a section of Slacka recipes. Or should it be Slack-uh??

  3. How happy I would be if we could write recipes loosely! No more questions on whether “white sugar” is granulated sugar or powdered sugar, internet commenters. You know how to cook/bake. Trust yoself. /rant.

    I’m finding these days that the biggest challenge to blogging is writing. I often have a recipe, and photos, and notes ready to go–and yet I can’t think of what to write. I recently decided that it’s because I need to live more and blog less. Voila! Inspiration. When real work and blog work suck up all your life, no wonder your (er, my) brain can’t think of anything fun to say. I think. I’m hoping. It’s a new approach. I’ll see ya on Instagram. 😉

    • Oh my gosh This is me too! I am stumped! I just need to reconnect with life and my family again – thus the silence. Is this what happens to us as we hit the 4 year mark? Yes – I’ll see you on insta – Love watching your weekend adventures!!

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