Dear Reader – (day 23) Someone Slap Me

Dear Reader

Friends, if I ever say to any of you again that I’m going to do ANYTHING every day for thirty days, SLAP ME.


I should know this by now.

Obviously, this writing every single day challenge is not exactly going well.

(Hello yesterday, and a few days before that, and several other days along the way. . . . )

I’m failing at it partly because I’m just too busy and partly because some days, I couldn’t come up with a cohesive paragraph if you told me you’d pay me with a lifetime supply of jellybeans. (Some of you think that sounds like one giant gag and a stomach ache. I don’t. It sounds weirdly heavenly to me. It might make me TRY to write, at least, with all the gusto of a girl who’s never met a jellybean she doesn’t like – which actually I have, but that wouldn’t stop me from writing like I never had.)

I have some ideas, it’s just a matter of finding the time to sit and pound them out.

Plus, I’m so SO far behind on real life things right now. Things like cleaning my house and making doctor’s appointments, making curtains for the bookshelf (yes, the bookshelf. . . ), science projects, a 32 page fiction book writing assignment for my KINDERGARTENER (Lord, help me! – I really mean writing, like she has to write and illustrate ONE. WHOLE. BOOK.), and (hopefully!) wrapping up Christmas shopping for anyone who doesn’t live under this little roof.

I’ll tell you something else I’ve learned (again) through this challenge. There’s really only time (and not even really enough time, at that) in my life for one extra thing. I haven’t been able to do any art as I’ve been writing this last month, and that, my friends, leaves a sad and empty hole in my heart.

So, I’m going to sign off now – because although the little people have been good-naturedly playing Battleship up till now, I hear the winds shifting.

Now is not my time to be clicking away at the computer keyboard. Most likely it’s my time to school Short Stuff in my supreme maritime board game ways (one hundred percent joking).

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