Dear Reader – (day 25) Will Paint for Coffee

Dear Reader

About a month ago, I did some commissioned artwork for my sister.

Nothing huge, but still.

“How can I pay you?” she texted. “PayPal? Check?”

“A Starbucks gift card” I replied.

She “lol”ed.

“I’m serious,” I typed. “Just email me a Starbucks gift card.”

My weakness for a Starbucks double tall latte rivals my weakness for pizza or childish candy. Thus – it makes no sense at all to call it a “weak“ness. The pull is STRONG and relentless, not weak. Psh. What do dictionary people know anyway.

The gift card makes me feel not-so-guilty that I’m hooked on ridiculously priced coffee.

I’m telling you. When this card runs out, I’m going to have serious Issues. (with a capital “I”).


Just tie a sign around my neck with red scribbled ink:

“Will paint for coffee.”

Because I will.

One thought on “Dear Reader – (day 25) Will Paint for Coffee

  1. Sara, I haven’t been the best at reading blogs consistently in the last month or two, but I want you to know that I’ve gone back and read all your past Dear Reader posts, and that I’ve loved them. So authentic and true. Just wanted you to know that I appreciated them, even if it’s a week (or two…) late.


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