Week who-knows-what, and “De-cluttering” rhymes with “welp”. . . . Wait, what?

I’ll give you one guess to figure out what this is.


Yup. It’s a bowl (plate) of fruit.

This is the recipe:

4 bananas, 3 pears, 3 clementines, 2 starfruits, and 1 hand painted plate from Mexico that your BFF unearthed from the dark recesses of the kitchen cupboard 4 weeks ago.

Feel free to improvise.

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Week 35 – Joy The Baker Showed Up in My Dream

I had a dream last night that I met Joy the Baker.

Not just met her and shook her hand, but met her, spent time with her, and bonded.

My whole family – husband, kids, me – and a brother-in-law we never travel with – spent a weekend visiting her.

This must creep her out a little bit to know people are dreaming about her and fantasizing about being her friend. I know I’m not the only one. I’ve read plenty of other blog posts naming the same sentiment.

We traveled to San Fransisco for the purpose of spending New Years Eve weekend popping in and out of Joy’s life like we’d known each other for ages.

And it was springtime.

No one ever says dreams make sense.

We gathered for donuts and coffee in the morning – my clan and her clan.

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Week 34 – I Know You Love Me Anyway

Let’s remember this:

People who love us, love us even though . . . (fill in the blank).

If I think about all the precious somebodies in my life who love me, I can say all these things with convicted truth in my heart:

I know you love me even though I start to fall asleep on the couch at approximately 9:15pm at night.

I know you love me even though you cringe when I start to sing.

I know you love me even though I’m not very good at keeping touch long distance and over time changes.

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Week 33 – On Parenting. . .

At three thirty in the afternoon a couple of days ago, this conversation happened in my house:

The Babes: Mom, can I have some cereal with milk?

Me: Sure

Little Guy: Me too? plain Cheerios with sugar and milk?

Me: Ok. Middle Guy, do you want some too?

Middle Guy: Yes please, but can I have Reeses Puffs with milk instead?

Me: Ummmmm. Yeah. I guess so.

Middle Guy: Thank you Mom!! You’re the best!

Little Guy: Yeah, she is! She’s the best mom we could ever have!

Middle Guy: Yeah, she’s super-floppin’-awesome!!

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Week 31 – KISS, and White Chocolate Blueberry Sciscuits

There’s something to be said for keeping life simple.

My high school art teacher – a man who had clearly smoked a few too many doobies in his day and who’s brain was set on permanent handicap mode  because of it – taught me this.

He was the first one to teach me the acronym, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

He was also the one who asked me one day how to spell, “Mom”, and then gave up when I asked him if he was serious. He scribbled out his attempt at spelling “Mom”, and went with the much simpler form of the word – “Mother”.

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Week 30 – Glennon Says, “It’s Already All Right.”

It’s been a tiring week.

I don’t really feel in the mood to write.

My baby girl is sitting on the couch watching her second Tinkerbell movie of the day, and it’s only 9am, but she’s already been through five rounds of puking, two sets of clothes, two thorough wipe downs, and three couch-beddy blanket changes this morning.

We had one week of reprieve between now, and the last round of stomach bug that traveled through everyone age 10 and under.

I’m sure you understand.

I’d rather read someone else’s writing today, and laugh a little.

Because laughing right now, would feel really, really good.

So I went here, and read about one of Glennon’s random fall weekends, and giggled and cried a little. And things are feeling a little better.

Maybe you’d like it too.

Click the red title to read Glennon’s post, “For Tisha. . . To Remind Her That It’s Going to be All Right. In Fact, It Already Is.”

Week 29 – Drink. Sleep. Reflect.

My dear Friends –

I keep going back and forth in my head over what I might say today. I can’t find either of my sources, so I’ll just lay it all out there – Tim the Tool Man style. (Do you remember that? Home Improvement – where Tim would go out to the backyard and peer over the fence at his neighbor, Wilson and proceed to completely misquote something to him? I’m not completely misquoting, but it’s certainly not word for word either.)

Drink more, sleep more, reflect.

There. I said it.

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Week 28 – Japanese Tea Ceremony

Nestled in a book I had been reading was this:

Japanese Tea Ceremony: a way of honoring oneself by putting another’s needs first, the joy that could be found in intimate service. [This was a] conversation [my husband and I’d] had one night on the way home from a movie.  I remembered how that night he’d put toothpaste on my brush before his own, then bowed.  I’d smiled, but I’d understood too that such small gifts were one seed that blossomed in two hearts.

– Elizabeth Berg, The Year of Pleasures


I stopped and thought for a moment.

I need to do more of this.

I have a longing in my heart to be of service to others, but when I daydream about the service I want to give, it tends to be large-scale and quixotic.

I want to help hungry people on the street.

I want to hug homeless children and pass love straight from my full, steady heart into their famished, skittery ones.

I want to hold a desperate mother’s hand and transfer a tiny bit of solace through the skin of our fingers.

I want to spark a fire of hope in the hopeless.

But as of this moment, I have yet to find the path to this service.

The reason is several fold, but I know it is a large part fear of the unknown.

Right now, I’m just trusting that I’ll get there by the route that was intended for me. My way will find me.

When I read this bit in the book though, I stopped for a moment and reread it.

Why does service need to be capacious and earth-shattering?

It doesn’t.

The spirit of service starts small.

It starts at home.

It starts with those with whom we are closest.

To sacrifice a tiny bit of our own desire for the happiness of our spouse, our son or daughter, our mother, father, brother, sister – these small acts of kindness plant seeds in the individual hearts of our family members, but also in the heart of our family as a unit.

So I will try.

I will strive to build a family with a large, thumping heart of service.

And we will start by serving each other.

Then we’ll serve friends and neighbors.

Then we’ll serve strangers.

Then, when the timing is right, it will happen; we will be holding hands with a fellow human being who needs our service like he needs air.

The gift of our sacrifice will blossom in the hearts of us all, and we won’t be able to tell who received the greater gift.


Photo Credit: Original Tea Ceremony Image found here.

Week 27 – Children’s Books that Leave Lasting Impressions

Some books you just never forget about.

Some books set you and your kids on a search for another one that is just as good.

Some books make bedtime so much better.

Some books make you look at your baby and want to squeeze her and smell her hair until she tells you to stop.

Some books are beautiful and should really be read sometime soon.

Like these.

We’ve read them and loved them.

Maybe you will too!

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – I was going to say these books were listed in no particular order, and really, they aren’t. BUT, Edward Tulane is my absolute favorite. My heart pitter-patters when I think about it, and my eyes shine with a hint of tears. This story is beautiful and touching, and uses prim little Edward and his haughty attitude to carry us through a journey where this fragile porcelain bunny learns which things in life are truly important. I wish I could think of a better word, but I can’t – it’s just beautiful. I read this with my boys – then 9 and 5, and it held the attention of all – even me. I was sneaking chapters after I tucked them in.

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Week 26 – Christmas In July

Guys – guess what.

Christmas is only 25 weeks away.

We’ve already lost a week since I doodled my first list (above).

I don’t want to sound like Chicken Little here, (well, I kinda do), but listen – I have a plan.

The way Christmas “gifting” usually goes in my little world, is this:

I know Christmas is coming. Someone mentions that Christmas is only 86 days away and I have a mini panic attack, even though 86 days is a ridiculously long time. Well, not really when you have science projects and sports and homework for 3 kids, and PTA meetings, and, well. . . life going on.

So I usually ignore the 86 day warning, feigning my panic as disgrace at the commercialism retail stores have wrought on Christmas.

And Thanksgiving comes and goes.

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