Homemade Energy Bars (with Dates, Cherries, and Almonds)

Homemade Energy Bars; Dried fruit, nuts, oats, breakfast bars, dates, cherries, orange, almond

Sometimes I think the we should employ a food-rating system.

Same as movies or video games.

One where chocolate chip cookies are rated G and scary-ish type things like Stilton are rated R.

Salsa? Um, I’d say PG-ish. We must discuss the relative dangers of habaneros and jalapenos with our children before they consume varieties of salsa.

These bars? They hover somewhere in the PG range too.

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A random list of books, blurbs, projects, nuts, & cheese

Yup, like the title says.

It’s random, and it’s a list.

Sometimes such lists are necessary. . .

. . . like when I have things I want to tell you and they don’t apply to a recipe.

So here we go:

Book Stash

1. I am giddy over this stash of books that arrived for me from the library – and this one sucked me in by page 19.  Right here, in fact:

“Hide,” came Lynnie’s whisper.

Martha pulled back and looked at Lynnie. The face showed nothing.

Martha leaned in once more.  “Hide,” Lynnie said again, and added, “Her.”


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Roasted Carrot Salad


Bunnies have become synonymous with  Easter, so in a way, you could say that Easter loves bunnies.

Does anyone know why this is?

It makes no sense.

Well, I guess it might be because it’s spring time, and bunnies love the spring time? I don’t know. Is this when most bunnies are born? Aren’t bunnies constantly breeding?

Again, I don’t know.

And I’m too lazy to look it up, so I’ll just sit here happily contemplating, and forgetting later.
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