Dear Friends, I will no longer be spelling Fahrenheit.

Spelling is fer the burds

I have a deep, dark secret guys. (I’ve started other posts this way, so in truth, I must have several deep dark secrets. Ooo. Mysterious me.)¬†






That’s the stark naked truth. Continue reading



Brave is something I am not.

At least, not voluntarily.

Brave is something I have to force onto myself, like forcing a bath on a 5-year-old boy.

You must do it. You have to do it to keep yourself healthy and strong and growing.

But, after all my 30+ years, and plenty of opportunities to practice at it, I still stink at “brave”.

I wear cowardice like an old comfortable sweatshirt. It’s my habit, and it’s way easier.

Keeping the pot smooth and unstirred?  Shrinking from conflict? Ahhh. My specialties. Those are my secret hiding places. They are where I can breathe. How deep, exactly? Hmm. Good question. Continue reading

The eggs are back. With pumpernickel toast and a t-shirt.

Pumpernickel toast, eggs, Zazzle, T-shirt
I am an awesome drawer when I use my finger and mouse pad.
See how smooth those lines are?
Those are some skiiiiiillz!
And now, it’s time.
(Thanks for the suggestion/reminder Danguole).
Who doesn’t need a t-shirt about pumpernickel bread, honestly.
Now you can get yours here.
Proceeds go to the new camera fund. (I’m fully content with the knowledge that this is a want, not a need, so I’m a-ok with it if I go on in life with my trusty point-and-shoot, but dang! If it happens? That would be a peachy keen treat!)
I was kind of in a hurry.
It’s simple. Bare bones. No frills or fluff.
Pumpernickel toast looks an awful lot like burnt toast.
But guys – that’s the point.
It’s all in how you see it.
Glass half full, glass half empty.
Pumpernickel toast, burnt toast.
I’m going with pumpernickel.
Happy Monday.
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