Festive Christmas Garland

It’s been a crazy-busy week.

I know you’re all there with me – one thing on top of the other keeping us scrambling from sun up to sun down (Did your Christmas tree topple over too, as you were simultaneously trying to wrap gifts and bake 4 dozen cookies for your cookie swap?).

That’s why this is an ultra-short post – quick, and to the point.

I’m imagining this in silver and white for New Years too. . . maybe with some photos in the middle of each circle, or clipped between them. Either way. . .

Make any room a party with this bright and colorful garland.

This one was made with Christmas in mind – full of glittery paper and colored-Christmas-light hues, but it really could work for any occasion and any style.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, (and 4 and 5. . . ok, and 6 too. Seven doesn’t really count!)


1. Gather your supplies.                          2. Cut a variety of circles
– Cropping tools or scissors
– Paper in various colors
– Glue stick
– Hole punch
– Fabric ribbon for lacing circles (mine had wire edges)
– Gift wrapping ribbon for embellishing

3. Layer the circles in random order and glue them together. Start with the top circle, coat glue on the back, and press it to the next circle. Continue until you reach your last circle. I just used a regular old acid-free glue stick.

4. Punch two holes, one across from the other, about 1/2 inch apart. Repeat until you have completed your desired number of layered circles.

5. String layered and glued circles along the fabric ribbon by first threading the ribbon up through the back of the circle then back down again through the front. Gently slide the circle your desired length down the ribbon. Repeat with all circles, leaving about 3 inches between each.

6. Cut strands of gift wrapping ribbon at various lengths from 12 – 24 inches. Tie them in groups of 3, centered on the fabric ribbon halfway between each set of two layered circles. Curl them with the blade of a scissor.

7. Hang your garland, and throw your party!




2 thoughts on “Festive Christmas Garland

    • I would love to! Make me some sugar cookies and some of that sausage pasole and I’ll start hitchhiking today. (is that really how you spell hitchhiking??)

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