Week 13 – Maybe The Best Isn’t Always The Best

I came across this quote yesterday morning – written by Shannan Martin of Flower Patch Farmgirl – regarding a move she is making with her family that will land her kids in a less desirable school:

“I understand the pull toward what feels most comfortable. I understand the deep desire to keep my children sheltered and protected. But what I feel even stronger is the hope that my kids will learn very early that God goes with them. He goes. With them. Everywhere they are, there He is. I want them to be around kids who are like them and unlike them and every variation in between. I want them to see beauty in every face and to feel their faith grow as they relate to the world around them with each new day.

It took me thirty-four years to start to understand some of this. My hope is that they won’t waste as much time getting around to the truth.

My kids won’t automatically go down the pipes because the new school doesn’t test as well as the old school. They won’t lose their faith because more kids don’t believe the way they do. I wish I could say that I came to these conclusions overnight, but I didn’t. They came slow and painful over the course of months, even years.” – Shannan Martin, Flower Patch Farmgirl


I don’t really know if there is much more for me to say. She’s said it so well.

For years now, I’ve felt like the underlying current in society is this ever-present pulse of urgency amongst people to always find better. To never be satisfied with what is placed before them. To think that whatever is NOT already theirs is the thing that they should be striving for. To believe, automatically, that this is not good enough. To forget to be grateful for the gifts with which they’ve been blessed.

I’m no different

I forget too.

I get sucked into the “gimmes” in all sorts of ways.

But our lives are constructed carefully for us.

Each event, little or small, is a breadcrumb left by Someone much larger and more knowledgeable than we are, to lead us where we belong.

If we are in a situation that is less than ideal, we are being given an intimately crafted gift designed especially for us.

Maybe it’s a chance to be strong.

To grow.

To learn.

To shine.

To find purpose.

To be a leader.

To help someone.

To prevail.

To persist.

To man-up.

Finding better is not always best. Being better is best.

Stop struggling. Stop searching. Stop trying to force the frantic forward motion.

There is something for you right. here.

“Right here” is a gift.

Be grateful for what “right here” is.

How can we ever expect more and better, if we don’t take the time to stop and whisper ,“thanks” for this – the here and now and the gift of what it is. . . even if it’s hard to figure out what the gift part of it might be.

Shannan is right. Maybe this school (job, house, neighborhood, church,etc.), isn’t “perfect”.

But the thing is, it probably is perfect if we just take a second to examine it and find our purpose in it.

Just look. Really look.

There is something here for us, right where we are, and it’s usually something bigger than anything we’d peg at first glance.

There is opportunity in that thing that seems less than ideal – opportunity to grow into someone we don’t even know yet, but someone we’re meant to be.


4 thoughts on “Week 13 – Maybe The Best Isn’t Always The Best

  1. You’re so welcome! I love that quote too. There is so much truth to it! I’m glad you like it too. Thanks for taking a second to say so! 😉

  2. Sometimes I feel that your essays are little whispers that come just at the right time to remind me of something important. Well said.

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