Week 19 – Remember Who You Are

There will always be nay-sayers.

There will always be someone out there trying to tell you you’re not good enough, or your idea is not the best, or what you’re doing isn’t up to par, or they don’t need you or your skill or your talent.

There will be someone who doesn’t line up to be your cheerleader or who won’t pat your back and tell you, “great job!”.

They might even tell you they don’t like what you’re doing. They think it’s a bad idea. They might try to stop you from achieving your dreams.

They might tell you it’s dumb, it’s not going to work, you’re wasting your time, there’s someone better.

They might tell you “you’ll have to prove yourself”.

They might say, “we’re sorry, we don’t need you”.

There will always be someone to tell you “no”.

And that’s when you have to dig deep.

You have to know who you are.

You have to know that no matter what someone says or what their actions do to your emotions, that you are important.

You mean something no matter what they say.

If it’s your dream, then go for it.

If you believe in it, do it.

If someone is stopping you, find a way around them.

Understand that their opinion doesn’t matter.

If it means something to you, don’t give up on it because of nay-sayers.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you you’re not good enough for this position or that position.

Go back to your core and take stock of who you are regardless of that particular dream and those particular nay-sayers.

Build yourself a mental resume and refer back to it often to find your strength.

Think about who. you. are.

You are kind. You are generous. You are loving. You are strong. You are loyal. You are intelligent. You are honest. You are determined. You are dedicated. You are persistent. You are clever. You are an achiever.

Yes, I am writing this to you. You know who you are. When you read this, it will hit you, and you’ll know this was meant for you. I’m thinking of you, and my heart is hurting for you because I know yours is hurt. But I want you to remember you.

Remember who you are.

Remember the you who is there now and who will remain regardless of what the nay-sayers say, and regardless of whether or not this dream or that dream comes to fruition.

The you that matters withstands it all, and still remains whether a dream succeeds or crumbles.

Keep plugging away. Keep believing. Don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t let them determine how you feel about you.

Because, I’m telling you, with great authority, that





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9 thoughts on “Week 19 – Remember Who You Are

  1. I heart you so hard. Thanks for being that person that holds up the highest version of myself as a reminder to me when I forget.

  2. Thank you for your insightful and uplifting wiriting. I found your blog when I googled banana cake recipes (your Grandma’s banana cake recipe is awesome, by the way!)

    And just so you know (saw your post to Jenni for this article) there is an emoticon for a heart… it is a < and a 3 placed next to each other like this… <3

    Many blessings to you and your family!

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